Don’t you think imagination’s rock? I mean the world wouldn’t be what its like today if it wasn’t for the human imagination and I find that over whelming don’t you? Of cause their are people who use their imagination’s for the wrong reasons but I think that’s a waste. But your imagination is your imagination and its up to you how you use it.
Because imagination helps use take our own outlook on life I mean as fellow photographers weather its a profession or hobby I think that we use imagination when looking at the things we see and turn them in to groovy pictures for others to see don’t you think that’s cool. I think without imagination the world would struggle to go on and that imagination is more important then anything else we have (except love of cause) but imagination we’re born with know matter what, everyone has it though some in different ways and I think that’s super cool, I believe that most people who seem to be geniuses just mostly have big imaginations and memories and feed their imagination often with the stuff that they do and I think we should all start do feed ours more by doing more things to set it free
don’t you think??
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