Ferntree Gully, Australia

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Hello Redbubble, pleased to make your aquintance.

Well, hello Redbubble, pleased to make your aquintance.

I’m Natalie J, though you’ll know me better by my business persona, Lilly Kitten, which is curiously new. I’ve only been operating under that name for a year. Hard to believe considering the attention it’s gotten, why it’s like all I needed was a name and then POW, the combination is right and suddenly people notice me!

I came here searching for another Cafepress… (Please don’t look at me like that, Cafepress DOES have more items, after all) My sales on Cafepress have always been good, you see, but limited to the American Market. I’m an Aussie… well, you can see my dillemma.

So i am very pleased to meet you, Redbubble. I think you and I will be friends.