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Due to a lot of ongoing issues, I’ve turned most of my gallery to private with the intention of slowly updating all of the works here. Nothing has been removed, it’s just been hidden for awhile.

I know a lot of people liked the work as it was, but there is a lot going on right now and updating my work is very important to me at the moment.

If there is a specific design you wanted, drop me a note and I can put it back into availability for a short time.

Thanks for you patience.

The Animated Burlesque Cabaret is Moving!

A heads up to anyone who has any of my ABC pin ups favourited

I’ll be moving them to an new account soon. Redbubble’s folder limit- both the amount one can have in a folder and how many folders one can have makes it tricky to keep adding more and more pin ups alongside my regular art.

I’ll announce the new address as soon as it’s made.

This also means several ABC pieces will be temporarily unavailable as I move them. They WILL all come back, but if there’s something you’ve wanted for awhile, don’t hesitate!

<3 Lilly


I mess around with the order of my store A LOT, and it’s GOT to be f*cking annoying, I know, but trying to find an image that suits my stuff is tricky and takes a lot of piss farting around until I get it right, so please bare with me!

I’ve been taking a really passive route lately, censoring a lot of my work before I even draw it and giving chirpy descriptions and holding back a lot of my more potentially “offensive” statements and image ideas.

Shit has gone down at my day job that’s made me realise I’ve been playing the “socially acceptable female role” all this time and it’s absolutely not me at all. That’s going out the window. I never was a princess, and I never wanted to be. I’m not a clean cut aspiring artist trying …

A Small Return To Fanart

I apologise for all the toing and froing with my art, taking fanart away, pledging not to draw any more then suddenly throwing the ABC at you in abundance.

And now suddenly re-instating it.

Truth is it’s been a tough time trying to decide the direction of my art and then getting it under control. I did an excessive amount of fanart, then I’d lament the lack of work on the projects I wanted.

I got a scare late last year with copyright issues and fanart (nothing that happened to me, personally) and it was the catalyst that set off full paranoia and hatred for my fanart and my older works.

A few months of meditating on the topic and talking it over and now I’ve come to terms with the eclectic nature of being the artist I am. My fanart is not a shameful waste of time, but an…

The Big Fan Art Shutdown

I know I make a lot of fanart, and I make a lot of sales based on my fanart. I get a lot of fans and followers from it, and it’s a great feeling as an artist to see that “You’ve made a sale!” pop up in my inbox several times each day.

But the truth is, my knowledge on the legality of fanart has been really shaky. I asked about it as a stripling at art school and the teachers gave me hazy answers which implied it was all okay to make and sell fanart, so I believed them and started doing just that. Life was good, everything was roses… however, recently, a fan of mine made a comment on my Deviant art blog that made me question that “fact”. I knew copyright holders could request you remove art pieces and I knew they could sue if you made loads of mone…


I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and having a flick through my work just then confirms it… I’ve decided to update a lot of the designs over the next few months.

Quite a lot of the work here is old and was never intended to go on shirts, making a lot of them awkwardly placed or underdone, needing some backing or a simple banners to tie the image together.

The early weenies are using a based I have now, to my embarrassment, lost, and have replaced with a neater version. The Monster High girls demonstrate a female base, which I never had for Bulma and Black Widow.

Most of the SPAM works are ripped from the my comic panels. I’d like to do them as independent works instead (much to the undoubted delight of a lot fo SPAM fans out there who have been missing the u…

Massive Cleanout and Update

I’m going through a massive cleanout of all my works on all my accounts, from Deviant Art to Cafepress, Tumblr to Flickr.

I’ve already deleted a lot fo old redundant pieces from Redbubble already, going from around two hundred and fifty down to eighty, culling out anything that wasn’t selling, wasn’t getting viewed or I simply did not like.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating ALL the current product with print versions, iPhone and iPad skin options, and replacing a few of the older images with updated versions. There will also be new works going up, Mostly Pin Up girls, but fans of my humor and cute works will be glad to know there will also be several new Dragonball Z works, Legend of Zelda, My Little Pony, Supernatural, and a curious selection of Les …

Long Awaited Return

It’s been YEARS since I’ve been here, quite literally.

I don’t know why I went off it. Perhaps too much on my plate, too many hats and only one head… Whatever the reason, I left for some time and neglected the place chronically. My art is outdated, unorganized, too pricy and not available in all products.

Well, i’m back and I’m fixing things, albeit a little slowly. A lot of new works going up, and a lot of work going on to mend old works before I start moving in on adding new products.

I’m not really inclined to eliminate all my old things, if people like them, and they seem to, there’s no point in starting from scratch.

Off to work!

Fantasy Calander fun!

Finally hammered together enough images to make my first calander! What fun!

I had one through Cafepress last year, a dinky little thing I spent hours constructing, labelling each month in fancy fonts and complimentory colours, using my old set of Lolitas for the images.

Haven’t gone to NEARLY as much trouble here. Something nice about just having your work displayed as it is. The month is on the calander part down the bottom, so why bother adding months to the images?

So yey, a lovely fantasy art calander, paying homage to art both ancient and new… But I’m sure it’s feeling a little lonely, so i plan to make another one! What of, I don’t know. We’ll see!

Hello Redbubble, pleased to make your aquintance.

Well, hello Redbubble, pleased to make your aquintance.

I’m Natalie J, though you’ll know me better by my business persona, Lilly Kitten, which is curiously new. I’ve only been operating under that name for a year. Hard to believe considering the attention it’s gotten, why it’s like all I needed was a name and then POW, the combination is right and suddenly people notice me!

I came here searching for another Cafepress… (Please don’t look at me like that, Cafepress DOES have more items, after all) My sales on Cafepress have always been good, you see, but limited to the American Market. I’m an Aussie… well, you can see my dillemma.

So i am very pleased to meet you, Redbubble. I think you and I will be friends.

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