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I mess around with the order of my store A LOT, and it’s GOT to be f*cking annoying, I know, but trying to find an image that suits my stuff is tricky and takes a lot of piss farting around until I get it right, so please bare with me! / I’ve been taking a really passive route lately, censoring a lot of my work before I even draw it and giving chirpy descriptions and holding back a lo…
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A Small Return To Fanart

I apologise for all the toing and froing with my art, taking fanart away, pledging not to draw any more then suddenly throwing the ABC at you in abundance. / And now suddenly re-instating it. / Truth is it’s been a tough time trying to decide the direction of my art and then getting it under control. I did an excessive amount of fanart, then I’d lament the lack of work on the projects…
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The Big Fan Art Shutdown

I know I make a lot of fanart, and I make a lot of sales based on my fanart. I get a lot of fans and followers from it, and it’s a great feeling as an artist to see that “You’ve made a sale!” pop up in my inbox several times each day. / But the truth is, my knowledge on the legality of fanart has been really shaky. I asked about it as a stripling at art school and the teac…
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I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and having a flick through my work just then confirms it… I’ve decided to update a lot of the designs over the next few months. / Quite a lot of the work here is old and was never intended to go on shirts, making a lot of them awkwardly placed or underdone, needing some backing or a simple banners to tie the image together. / The early wee…
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