I am a Spanish illustrator and painter and I have worked as a graphic designer for many years.
I often discover my inspiration in some dream, or a fleeting impression lost in my memory.
My work has also been much connected to the written word, and the rich and suggestive world of tales and stories.
I am specially attracted to portraying human beings, with an emphasis on character and attitude, and their relationship to their surroundings.

All material shown is property of the artist and subject to copyright laws.

Some of the original artwork is available for purchase. If interested please contact me through bubble mail.

En español
Soy un pintor e ilustrador español, y también vengo trabajando desde hace años como diseñador gráfico.
Mi inspiración surge a menudo del mundo de los sueños y de remotas y fugaces impresiones alojadas en mi menoria.
Mi trabajo está, así mismo, muy relacionado con la palabra escrita y el rico y sugerente mundo de los cuentos e historias.
Me atrae especialmente la representación del ser humano, sobre todo de su carácter y actitudes, y su relación con el contexto.

Todo el material es propiedad intelectual del artista y está protegido por la ley de copyright.

algunos de lkos originales están disponibles para la venta. Interesados por favor contactar conmigo a través de bubblemail.

Awards & Distinctions:

Finalista Premio Lazarillo de Ilustración
Lista de Honor del III Premio C.C.E.I. de Ilustración.
Finalista Premio Nacional de Carteles Caja Madrid 2000
Primer Premio Cartel de Fiestas de Villalbilla (Madrid)

Solo: Exposición “Cuentos por las Paredes” Casa de la Entrevista .Fundación Colegio del Rey-Ayto. Alcalá de Henares

June 2013 Juried Invitational Exhibition

Maria Paterson Fine Art Award
Excellence in Composition And Design
SoJie 25, October 2013

Traditional Art – 3rd Place
SoJie 25, October 2013

High Marks
SoJie 25, October 2013

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Calendar sale!

I’m much honoured and much obliged to the buyer of one of my 2014 calendars, “Cup of things”. This is wonderful news and the best omen for the new year! / I haven’t been much round lately, I’ve been too busy with other projects, but I really appreciate the Redbubble community and look forward to being able to particiapate again in this bustling meeting place of creat…
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SoJie25 Awards

Thank you very much for the wonderful awards I’ve been granted for my work “the Red Carnation” / For: The Red Carnation / 3 Awards / 3rd Place – Traditional Art / High Marks / Maria Paterson Fine Art Award – Excellence in Composition And Design / I’m much honoured by this recognition. /
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SoJie25 nomination

Really glad to have a new work nominated at SoJie: / The Red Carnation / The Red Carnation / by lillo
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thanks for sale!

Many thanks to the buyer or buyers who in the past few days have bought several cards of my works “La Mancha” and “The Library”. It is always uplifting to have one’s work so appreciated.
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