Trying to comment.

Is anyone having same trouble as me . I am trying to comment on peoples pctures and it keeps coming up " Do you want to open or save comments.js from Red".. Also it isn’t showing peoples work when I click on the thumb nail.just a small square with a x in it. Very frustrating.

Cleaning Compact Sensor.

My camera is a compact Lumix TZ18 and in the 17 months I have had this model it has been back twice under the guarantee for a mark on the lens showing on my pictures. There is a mark on there again and the guarantee has run out so it was going to cost £40 plus postage to get it cleaned. I googled cleaning compact cameras and found a tutorial video on how to clean the sensor on the TZ series and with the help of that I have stripped it down and done it myself. The hardest part was putting all the 12 screws back as they are so small. Apparently the Lumix TZ series is the worst one for dirt on the sensor. Anyway next time it happens I will be able to do it myself and save myself some money.I do love this camera as it takes marvellous pictures. Just to let you know there is help on the web…

A sale

Thank you so much to FelicityB for buying a card . I am pleased you liked it so much to buy it. A real morale booster. I hope you are pleased with it when you receive it Thank you again . Lilian.

Thank you

A big Thank you to the kind person who liked my picture so much they bought a photographic print .I hope you like it as much as I do when you receive it. Once again Thank You.

Thank you

A big Thank you To Dave in Australia for buying a card. I am pleased you like it enough to buy it and I hope it gives you great pleasure when you receive it Thank you again Lilian.

A sale

A big “Thank you” to who ever bought a print of Lythm Windmill. A big moral booster for me. I am sooo pleased.

A Sale

Thank you so much to the person who bought 2 of these cards . I am so pleased and I hope you are pleased with them when you receive them . .

A Sale.

Thank you so much to the person who bought a poster today . I am so pleased.I got told of for being where I was to take this picture. Seems it was worth it. Thank you once again.