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I am an amateur photographer and a Visual Artist whose main area is sculpting with clay and metalsmithing.
While a I am a Native New Yorker I call South Carolina my home. That is where I have my studio. I am temporarily residing in West Virginia and have found the surrounding inspiring. There are so many photo-ops. Being without my studio I found another outlet to express myself.
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Back in the Southland Again!

Well, it is Thanksgiving evening 2009. We closed the golf course a little early and had our Thanksgiving Dinner. Just as we were finishing up my stepson called with wonderful news! Our grandson made his entrance into our world this afternoon at 3:35pm. The sad thing is that he is in West Virginia and we are now back in South Carolina. So we will not see him for a while. / Since, we moved …
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Redbubble wants to know where I have been. Here goes people...

Let’s see we are in the process, a long drawn out process of moving back to South Carolina. we are constantly on the road driving back and forth. So my down time is spent packing, unpacking, pushing paper, meetings etc. I have had little time these past few months for me or my art. / My latest activity is trying to outsmart Jerry the teeny tiny mouse that found its way into out house. I…
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The River Rat

Last sunday my husband asked me if it had rained the night before. Why? You might ask? He was awakened by, what he described as a scraping noise on the roof. I told him it hadn’t rained that it must have been the wind. / Well sunday night I am drawing and it is nice and quiet everyone has gone to bed. All of a sudden I hear this noise coming from under the living room floor. It was pre…
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Mouse in Our House!

About a month ago, I was laying bundled up on the couch sick. All of a sudden I see this little critter go in Leo’s bowl. Well, it was a good thing my two little pekes were in bed- I don’t believe they would have been happy. I tried to go quietly over and catch it to put outside. It took off under the entertainment center. Now I am sitting up watching and listening. Not wanting …
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