The Digital Interface Group - An Overview

The Digital Interface is the hardware/software link between what the lens sees and what you see in the final print (or screen view). Primarily, for our purposes, it is the software that we use to re-create the world. Given that this is a bit of a wishy-washy it’s best to explain what I’m talking about :-)

You can use a piece of software such as Photoshop or PaintShop Pro to enhance your images. We’ve all done it – crop, resize, sharpen, change contrast, brightness, hue/saturation etc. Well, that’s refinement but not re-creation.

Re-Creation is to take one or more pieces of art (photos for example) and to re-work them. You might clone out some significant piece to alter the subject or focal point of the image, or you might apply some complex filters to change the way the image appears. Perhaps you will add a bicycle from one image, a bus from another. Maybe you will create a Kaleidescope, or a fractal, or something else which is not even a photo or based on one. This is re-creation and this is the interest of the Digital Interface group.

You should always attempt to document the software used, and the process used to create the image. Not a step by step set of instructions – not unless you want to do that. By process I mean something simple such as :

‘In Photoshop, I used some blurr filters, and a reverse effect, then mirrored one half over the other’

What we’d like to do is to learn from each other, breed enthusiasm and ideas, and to grow as a collection of diversely skilled artists who all have something to contribute – and very likely something new to learn.

Whether you manually change pixels in Paintbrush on Windows, or generate 3d images with some complex and expensive Mac application – you are still welcome here.

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