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I am the Lightsmith.

For many years I dabbled in photography and art, trying to either reproduce reality or to create fantasy. I was not much good at either.

Then I opened my eyes.

All around us there is a world that is neither reality nor fantasy. A world of light that exists but which cannot be seen. It is a world of wonder, of power and of astonishing beauty.

It is a world lit with the light of infrared.

Over many years, I have learnt to see the world through infrared eyes. And an infrared heart.

Everywhere I look, I have come to discover beauty unseen. Every flower reveals a new bloom. Every cloud unveils its invisible new lining. Every landscape becomes an alien world that, somehow, we have always lived in.

No matter how often you have seen the world, it lies in wait for you anew in the world of infrared.

Welcome to the world of the Lightsmith.

I will take you on a journey. Using specially modified infrared cameras and unique image enhancement techniques, we will visit places together that you thought could only exist in heaven. Or hell. We will time travel, visit distant planets, transcend dimensions.

Prepare yourself to see the world as you have never seen it before.

Come, open your eyes to a new world. My world.

  • Age: 52
  • Joined: August 2007


I am gone.

Well I have not been here for a while. RedBubble – to me – has abandoned the photographic artist in favour of the graphic artist. I believe there is room for both, indeed I believe there must be both. / I miss seeing the brilliance of those I have been following. I miss the interaction that used to be. But RedBubble has not delivered that to me for ages. Many of those I loved and…
Posted over 1 year – 5 comments

Abandonment of Photographers by RB

Is it only me or has RedBubble completely abandoned its photographic artists? / The T-shirts are almost always graphic art. / Whenever I see any ‘RedBubble’ contributions it always seems to be graphic art. / Is it just me? / Or do others feel abandoned?
Posted over 1 year – 6 comments

Three card sale and one of my favourites too...

To whoever bought The Old Rugged Cross I am very grateful. It is one of my favourites :)
Posted over 1 year – 4 comments

Werribee Mansion Restrictions

Werribee Mansion charges a license feel of $350 if you wish to sell any of the images you take there. This is a case of profit first, in my opinion, and does NOT support local artists. / We contribute to the Mansion by bringing it to the public in new and innovative ways, we generate interest and ultimately financial support for them. But for us to sell an image, we need to cover this unfair an…
Posted over 1 year – 3 comments

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