6 Words, 26 Lines, Priceless Lessons

Loaded teenagers, Lets begin the perception

Further drinking, leads to added inebriation

Unclothing one another, starts the inception.

Naked with each other, displaying affection.

Question muttered, Did you bring contraception?

He answers, NO!, Protection spoils sensation.

No worries, I will pull out!

You will !, I have some doubt !

You can trust me, His shout !

Loaded, ready, firing lies in she.

I couldn’t control myself, states he.

Its only once, Whats the chances!

The two lay silent, fertilization advances!

Wide load halts their continued romances.

Time passes, he leaves, she grieves

All happening because, two didn’t believe.

In wearing a thin latex sleeve.

During a moment of impaired relieve.

Trust finally arrives, birth cries announcing !

Innocent baby, six pounds, seven ounces.

Your now both, Mom and Dad.

Still a child yourself, So sad

A moment of young drunken passion.

A lifetime born of twos action.

Add yourself not to this list.

Contraception will avoid much, Please insist!

PJC 04/15/08

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  • flipteez
    flipteezover 6 years ago

    And this is how I came about she was sweet 16 when I popped
    Hardship endured for ever more she wept he left I dropped
    Babies deserves 2 loving hearts & 4 enbracing hands
    Not a one night sleevless nookie a life of cruel demands

    Oh how I’ve missed the lightningstrike XXX

  • Mia1
    Mia1over 6 years ago

    Wow. awesome writing

  • Mia1
    Mia1over 6 years ago

    Wow. awesome writing

  • lightningstrike
    lightningstrikeover 6 years ago

    flipteez, ,

    Relative experience, whether personal or learned is the driving force behind a comment so well expressed, I have missed you also, life has become so complicated with very little time at the moment, soon to change is my hope. I will be in touch.

  • lightningstrike
    lightningstrikeover 6 years ago

    So nice to see you again, Emma was sent her picture and loves Aunt Net Nets house, she is so sad that we are no longer in Florida, she always cries as we tell her bye on the telephone, surely we will be flying her up soon, I have missed you Mia, soon I hope to find some time to get back to enjoying a little freedom , I will be viewing your new works soon.

  • coralinda
    coralindaover 5 years ago

    lightningstrike…i could never forget this write. It is awesome. I remember thinking this should be up in all the highschools…maybe middle schools, in the entire world! Your writing is awesome! i have always loved everything that comes out of your head and heart!

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