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A Walk in The Tarkine - a Fungi Lovers Dream

I had a walk in some of the Sth Arthur Reserves on the weekend.
The Sth Arthur forest is in what has come to be known as The Tarkine in NW Tasmania, Australia.
Bubblers Neil Boucher & Di Schoe were over from Victoria on a photog holiday so we organised a get together.
They were camping at Julius River Reserve about 40km south of Smithton.
The weather was meant to be crap so rainforest was the perfect choice.
In close proximity to Julius River is Wes Beckett Reserve and Lake Chisolm Sinkhole Reserve so we added these to the itinerary as well.

Here is our early morning breakfast visitor looking for a few nibbles before he turns in for the day. He was none too perturbed to fossick nearby as long as we didnt move too fast.

First trek was to Beckett Falls on Dodds Creek. A month or so ago it was hardly flowing. Now we could hardly get our cameras near it for the spray and rain but it’s a magic place to be no matter what the conditions.

Here’s Neil getting into the action.

From there it was onto Lake Chisolm Sinkhole Reserve. Home of more magnificent primeval rainforest and reflections “to die for”.
This was not a good day for reflections. The weather was not still. There was a bit of wind, an occasional shower, and yet I still managed to find a calm little corner.

Next on the list was back to Neil & Di’s campsite for a bite to eat and a bit of an explore around Julius River. An area that I wasnt very familiar with but had been told it had magnificent rainforest.

Here’s a shot of Di on the track. She is a little hard to see because a long time exposure has blurred her out of the picture.

On all 3 walks we were bombarded with the most different types of fungi that i have ever seen. And it wasn’t just here and there. It was everywhere. Many sorts, many colours, many sizes, many shapes.
I initially was ignoring it, in trying to get the perfect green shot, but in the end I was overwhelmed by the fungus. I might even go back next week LOL.
Here is a bit of a selection of what I grabbed.

On the way home from a brilliant day spent photographing and exploring with 2 great people I stopped in and watched most of the rest of the day disappear from a serene possie at the Sumac Lookout, looking down into the Arthur River Valley.

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