Messages of the Earth.. Artists joining for the need of change.

Artists joining to raise awareness.

Lately we can view many wonderfull creations that try to make us – and others- aware of how we treat our EARTH.. putting up a link to one of them the creator handed the idea to put as many of these creations in one place for all to see..

So.. for all of you who have such important creations.. feel free to put up your creation with a link to the original page so that those who are interested can read the messages.

So.. for all of you who have such important creations.. feel free to put up your creation with a link to the original page so that those who are interested can read the messages.Show the world what an inspiring place Red Bubble really is!!

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Messages of the Earth.. Artists joining for the need of change. by 

Artists joining with their important messages to make changes in how we treat our Earth. View their heART and read their messages.


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Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures
“Henry Ward Beecher”

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  • Desirée Glanville
    Desirée Glanvilleabout 4 years ago

    WONDERFUL Liesbeth!!!! looking forward to see all the submissions!!!
    “Messages from Water”

  • liesbeth
    liesbethabout 4 years ago
  • tkrosevear
    tkrosevearabout 4 years ago

  • tkrosevear
    tkrosevearabout 4 years ago
  • Desirée Glanville
    Desirée Glanvilleabout 4 years ago

    a single seagull soars aloft,

    blackened sky bleak sanctuary,

    over oil slicks, detergents’ foam

    sea tides shoreward drifting carry,

    past piston-throbbing drills and derricks

    pumping crude from ocean’s floor,

    flocked fleets of floating fishing ships,

    seal hunters scavenging stained shore,

    through clouds of carbon mon-, di-oxides,

    smoke, jet streams, sulfurous pollutions,

    engines’ emissions, factory filth,

    combinate acid rain solutions,


    beaches black with tar and sludge,

    rusting metals, bottles, litter,

    sparsely patched by brittle brush,


    by pesticides made bitter,

    by boardwalks’

    brightly glaring lights,

    flashing neon signs, billboards,

    strung telephones’ tenuous wires,

    cables, electric lines, light cords,

    rows of casinos, miles of motels,

    parking lots, r




    s, shops, swimming pools,

    lines of cars,



    in exhaust-hid, traffic light duels


    near airports, train, bus terminals,

    at the edge of urban gloom,

    warehouses’, factories’ shells blackened

    with fallout, film from chimneys’ fume,

    pigeons sit perched on chain link fences,

    rodents and roaches roam about,

    where of any more diverse life,

    neighborhoods forced to fend without


    into cities’


    all brick, concrete, glass, plastic, steel,

    muffled sounds of social congestion:

    honking horns, screaming, sirens’ peal,

    e n v e l o p e d

    in a noxious haze,

    solvents, pollutants, stale air

    produced by crowding, idling engines,

    making life other than man



    but life is there in gilded cage,

    tropic fish tank, at leashes’—— end,

    behind high walls and iron b|a|r|s,

    in zoos, on man

    forced to depend


    outweighing wildlife in the flesh,

    pelts on display walk city streets,

    lynx, minks, fox, coons, chinchilla, leathers

    many a vain wardrobe completes


    beyond the city, garbage dumps,

    sewage treatment plants, landfills,

    process piled refuse, wash waste products,

    hide toxic stocks beneath dirt hills,

    massive tile pipes empty sinks, toilets

    into rivers, ponds and lakes,

    hazardous wastes, pollutants transport

    on once clear currents, w a v e s, and wakes,

    deforming fishes, turtles, frogs,

    snakes, insects, birds and vegetation,

    feeding the kelp, algae, pond scum,

    with warmth from wastes’ irradiation


    to suburbs’ streets nature retreats,

    manicured lawns mark soil’s return,

    sprayed, spayed, hoed, mowed grass again grOWS

    without weeds, wildflowers or fern,

    tightly trimmed hedges, picket fences

    d – i – v – i – d – e properties, line sidewalks,

    stray birds, bugs, rodents,

    cats and dogs,

    all besides man, neighborhood stalks,

    latticework grids of lots and highways,

    sprawling houses, paved driveways

    built to suit varied income levels,

    laid out like some medieval m a

    z e


    pushed back by tractors, tillers, mowers,

    backhoes, frontloaders, loud machines,

    most wildlife leaves man’s residence

    for more secure, pastoral scenes


    but in the quiet countryside

    ‘sport’ and game hunting men pursue,

    pheasant, duck, quail, turkey and geese,

    moose, elk, deer (and their offspring too)

    dog and cock fights in sheds and barns

    baptize with blood for bettors’ gain,

    in steel-jawed

    small predators

    and furbearers

    wither in pain,

    skunks, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats,

    martens, minks, muskrats, otters, foxes,

    fishers, badgers, beavers, br’er rabbits

    are shipped to furriers in boxes


    their forest homes cut down, lands cleared,

    hillsides stripped bare in search of coal,

    for rows of produce, groves of fruit

    sprayed by airplanes for ‘pest’ control,

    watered with sprinklers, staved by stakes,

    from fertilizers falsely fed

    for increased yield, rapid ripeness

    to human tastes, appetites bred,

    just like the sheep, pigs, cows and chickens

    in pen, stanchion, pasture and barn

    destined for distant slaughterhouses

    all marking time down on the farm


    out here as well, sit laboratories,

    secluded from the public’s view,

    testing, torturing animals

    in the name of research (‘life’ too),

    inflicting cancer, death, diseases,

    am/pu/ta/ting organs, limbs

    dissecting cats, dogs, mice and monkeys

    at sponsors’ and scientists’ whims


    from countryside to the seashore

    the trail of blood continues on,

    nature’s reshaped and reconstructed,

    its face human ‘grace’ put upon,

    estuaries, tributaries,

    small creeks and streams spill toxic wastes,

    sifting salts, sludge and synthetics


    soils chemical encased


    down riverbeds dammed dry by men

    to feed lawns, fields, electric ‘needs’,

    abandoned autos sit in silt

    (rivers to oceans topsoil bleeds),

    on to the docks where tankers wait,

    cargo and cruise ships load and empty,

    where fishermen mend lobster traps,

    spent suns set on a blood red sea,

    steamers’ diesels’ stacks spew soot,

    garbage scows outbound trash tugs carry,

    above, a single seagull soars aloft,

    the sky no sanctuary

    (excert from Abraxas, author Alex Glanville)

  • sibel
    sibelabout 4 years ago

  • aspectsoftmk
    aspectsoftmkabout 4 years ago

    yes what a healing liesbeth…i just smile real big…love you…

  • aspectsoftmk
    aspectsoftmkabout 4 years ago

    lets try again…
    see healing

    JUSTARTabout 4 years ago

    all wonderful !

  • coppertrees
    coppertreesabout 4 years ago

    Black Water Kills

    Many thanks for the Invite,great gatheing..

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