South Australia, Australia

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My name is Barbara Gibbings and I am an Australian Artist currently living in South Australia. I was born in Queensland in 1986.

You can view all of my work as well as contact me, you can find me on Facebook at

My earlier work was concerned with creating an ambiguous visual language by slip casting a collection of found objects. More specifically, I was interested in experimenting with organic material, seeing what textures and forms develop through applying slip, and seeing what happens or remains when they are fired. The process brought to light my interest in ‘fragmented memory’ and the ‘history’ which those objects carried. In working through that process I reconstruct the initial meaning that those found objects carried and how it was translated into another material. When they are positioned collectively a spatial relationship developed, intensifying texture and form. In addition, I had been exploring a connected relationship between those organic and ceramic forms, with wood carving.

More recently my work has been emanated around the construction of sculptures that are equivalent to three dimensional caricatures, with influences ranging from folklore to Disney characters and everything in between.

Notwithstanding, like most artist my interests don’t stop there. I also conduct experiments and explorations as well as and work within a diverse range of mediums.

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Been a While....

Its been a while, but finally added some new Art, and fixed up some old artworks. / Let me know if you have any changed you would like regarding colours layouts etc.. / thanks
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Day Two

Hey all, / Ok so I’ve uploaded a few more of my works I had laying around. Hope you like! / Will rammish through some of my old work and see what I can come up with. / Stay tuned. / -BG
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Day one

Hey everybody, / This is my first day. / I’ve added two artworks so far, and will add some more in the next few days. / Stay tuned. / Don’t forget you can check out all my art on my Facebook page / -BG
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