Liam Liberty was born in Birmingham, England. He now lives in Ormskirk, near Liverpool. Liam started his creative journey with a simple point and click camera; he had a desire to photograph the historic buildings in Ormskirk. This didn’t fully satisfy Liam’s creative urges, though. After upgrading his camera, Liam began to photograph toys and enjoyed it for a while, but he wasn’t able to recreate the scenes that were in his mind. After months of not doing anything creative, Liam stumbled upon Daz Studio 4 and instantly fell in love with the software. Liam was finally able to express himself.

Liam edits his renders in Photoshop and currently prefers to give his work a painted or drawn style. He also enjoys doing this with his photographs of Ormskirk. It was his intention to stand out from other photographers in the area, to be unique.

You can see more Ormskirk art and photographs on Liam’s Ormskirk Facebook Page

Ormskirk Art and Photography

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