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I love photography and have been taking photos of Australia for as long as I can remember. I love the changing scenery and amazing colours, and I especially love Australia’s unique plants and flowers. I can’t leave out the fantastic array of reptiles, animals, bugs and birds which have crossed my lenses. I also love the history of Australia and take any opportunity to capture historic images. I have loved every minute of seeing Australia and am so glad to have shared it with my husband and two wonderful sons.
Macro photography is also of great interest to me – I most enjoy capturing images of flowers and raindrops. It’s a fascinating world through a macro lens……Hope you find something you like !!

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I am really excited to reveal that I have just sold MY FIRST ARTWORK !!! / THANKYOU BUYER SOOOO MUCH, YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY, AND MY WEEK !!!! ………… sincerely – Thankyou very much for buying an artwork from my Portfolio. Regards Liz.
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