I am trying to add a new calendar and it isn’t showing my uploaded pictures as an option.
Do the images have to be public in order to put them on calendars?
Please and thank you!


  • karenanderson
    karenandersonabout 5 years ago

    no .. i have one private one and it is in my calender …

  • Julie Thomas
    Julie Thomasabout 5 years ago

    Maybe the images you want are not large enough for a calendar… the resolution needs to be a certain size for them to be available in the calendar (just like sometimes an uploaded image is too small to make a poster, etc. sometimes they can be too small for a calendar)

  • Jason D. Laderoute
    Jason D. Lader...about 5 years ago

    Hmmm I hope you get this resolved, perhaps try it again maybe you have run into a glitch?

  • LeviMoore
    LeviMooreabout 5 years ago

    Julie is right, if they are not a specific size they will not show up as an option.

  • Leah Highland
    Leah Highlandabout 5 years ago

    Thanks so much. I will look into all of these ideas and options :)

  • Leah Highland
    Leah Highlandabout 5 years ago

    Unfortunately none of the suggestions have solved my problem.
    The images are 2182 X 1906 pixels which is the required size.
    Hmmmm……frustrating. Maybe I Jason is right, I have run into a glitch!