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Help the Wolves in Norway

Hello, / Sorry for my absence! I just wanted to share with you a petition to stop a massacre on wolves in Norway. (I live in Norway, and it’s out of hand, trust me). / Here’s the link to the petition: / / Thank you! / -Line.
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Journal post?

Really? From me? / So long time no see. Had to make a few changes, and I still need to change some things. Hopefully it will work out! I really need to learn to calm down and just relax no matter what. :) / Acceptance and tolerance, critical thinking and self-improving, gosh I can be such an idiot and I don’t even mean to be one. Wonder why I am such a split person sometimes… / Nothin…
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New Website.

I have a new website. :-) / Lil Lin / Haven’t got the funds yet to make a domain I’m afraid, but in the future, we’ll see. :-) / Cheers!
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Book project.

I’m thining of writing a book I’ve planned for years now, but it’s kinda a big project and I’m a bit scared to be honest. Was wondering how I shoukd approach such a big project? / The book, or maybe even books, is about a parallel universe of Earth, and it’s sort of fantasy/sci-fi related. Lots of weird stuff! I have made a map, and I’m doing research on all ev…
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