The Dark Saloon Vol: 1

Its four o’clock in the afternoon, the pain is anguishing. I feel my lungs being filled with blood, my breathing has cut short. It feels as my chest is being crushed by a horse………I take a slow look around the room; it seems empty and quite. Everyone has either scatter away or dead. I can barley sit up, most of my body is lying on the floor. The pistol is still pocket in my holster, and my hand is positioned at the bottom tip of the handle. Heh..heh, who ever did this is no sloppy shooter, a first grade gunslinger that’s for sure. He did not even let me pull my gun out.Who is this man, maybe is the guy I befriended and screwed over up in Ohio. It might just be the man whose family I stole from……..who gives a damn, who ever it is, he deserves to kill me. I have ran away to many times from trouble….maybe this time, just before I die I can be courageous enough to shoot someone.I slowly grip the pistol, open my eyes wide and take a glance towards the bar…..blood some how has gotten into my eyes. With a blur vision I see him…..drinking a shot from a dead man who is slouching on a stool. I look back at my holster; my gun is still sitting there. My actions has slowed down; my hand is fighting just to pull the pistol out. I feel as a knight trying to pull a sword out of a stone. I see a shadow coming towards me; I guess he has seen me move. My luck is running out, should have just stood still….and let him pass me by.With every last energy in my body I pull out my pistol, my arm feels heavy, hands are shaky, vision is blurred, and I aim it at him. With his hand on his gun, He just stares at me. I see he lips moving but can’t hear a sound. His words sound as if I am under water. He crouches down and reaches for something towards my feet, but I close my eyes in fear. The man gets up and tips his hat for me, and then the sun shines threw the window and hits his face. I can almost see him, but he walks away towards the entrance and leaves….I lay here with a shaky arm aiming to the spot where he once stood, suddenly my arm drops…..Here he leaves me lying on a puddle of my own blood, here he leaves me to die humiliated and dishonored.

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