Summerland, United States

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I was born and raised in New England, w/ a lifelong interest in art and I have been blessed with artistic genes from past generations. I am a self taught photographer and chef that first found the delights of the culinary world as a child and my passion for photographing the sun as a teenager.

My passion for photography began on a photographic safari to Africa with my family in 1976. Photographing the sun as I see it rising to start a new day and as it sets each night began in the cockpit of a plane en route to Kenya. The sun rising over the Sahara Desert bigger than life; the colors and vastness of Africa began a journey with photography and food that have been intertwined ever since.

The ocean and the sky above it as the sun rises and sets are what I try capture through the lens of my camera with these pictures of the California sun. It is my personal interpretation of beauty found in the everyday as the sun rises and sets. The vibrant colors of the coast of southern California resonate throughout my photographs. I only use film and whenever possible leave the pictures as I and the lens saw it at the moment.

I moved to California in 2006 and have seen six fires from Big Sur to Malibu, my lens has captured the sun in all phases as these fires burned. The beauty that has been captured by such tragedy is life as it happens. It is my hope that these pictures with all their color, layers and depth will feed the soul of those who look at them.

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