Tony was born in Melbourne in 1954 to immigrant parents of Greek descent who had escaped the turmoil of emerging nationalism in Egypt, the country of their birth. His parents clung fiercely to their Greek culture whilst fleeing one country and trying to re-establish their lives in another one.
The strain was too much for them and divorce soon followed the birth of their son.
Tony was raised by a single mother and lived with an extended family in Williamstown, a bayside suburb of Melbourne.
Although Tony showed an early interest in painting and sculpture and showed much creative talent, his parents felt that a more solid career was best and didn’t encourage his artistic abilities but rather pointed him towards studies at university and a professional career. At La Trobe he studied and graduated in Economics but found himself trapped in career path that felt totally against his true nature. He found a creative outlet in music and studied classical guitar for many years. This interest eventually turned into an obsession with composition and song writing.
Tony also harbored ambitions to be an author and immersed himself in literature and philosophy but never found the time to put pen to paper.
By his early forties, he found himself in mid-life crisis and was fortunate enough to meet his soul mate and eventual wife. It is thanks to his wife Kveta that Tony tentatively picked up painting again and continued because of her encouragement and inspiration. Over many years Tony has developed a style that is part experimentation and exploration of the possibilities hitherto un-discovered by other abstract artists. He has a great admiration for those photographers who find beauty in nature and through macro photography, such as Kathie Nichols, who also exhibits on Red Bubble.

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Sale = Thanks

Thanks to the person who bought a print of one of my works “After Mondrian”. / Your purchase has been received with great joy by this struggling artist :)
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Music Man 2

Music Man 2 / by Tony Alexander
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Success in incremental steps.

I love painting. I love the act of putting paint on the canvas. There are moments during this activity that I get high. It’s a real buzz. Yet I don’t paint very often. I crave for recognition, crave for praise, I dream of actually selling a painting because that would vindicate my belief in myself and the value of my work. I don’t have any doubts about how original and ground br…
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How I paint

A discussion with ejameson on RB led me to write this… / I use a number of elements that I weave together in a composition. / The application of paint with a scraper I use to create a texture effect but also when I apply different colors and blend them together, the effect is something like a tapestry, but interweaving of colors rather than letting them blend together. Eg Metaform Tapestry.…
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