Hi I’m Lewis Packman Wallis, I’m a professional graphic designer and a wedding photographer based in Brighton and London.

I started wedding photography professionally in 2012, teaming up with my cousin Dom Rosko to form a photographic duo. http://roskoandwallis.com

I strongly believe that graphic design and photography work hand in hand, as many of the skills can be applied to each other. Great composition and well considered visual balance is essential in both design and photography and can be the difference between a good idea and an exceptional piece of work.

Photography can also play a key role in graphic design and can often look even more beautiful with a well placed typographic element. Similarly cropping a photograph can empower it tenfold.

I’m very much a less is more graphic designer and believe that simplicity is key to visual communication. If something doesn’t further the design then I remove it. http://the-graphic-designer.co.uk

  • Joined: June 2007