opening sequence for film

Early Morning – - Pile of Bodies in Central Park

Old man in waste management garb enters the scene. Camera uses a warm lens contrasting the visible heat lifting from the heat of the man’s clothes and breathe. Old man is awkwardly carrying the body of a Wall Street fat cat in shovel and dumps the body at the edge of the pile. As the old man walks off the camera pans down to the fat cats face framed by an intensely green grass. The face of this dead man is somewhat comical as it features a look of shock and fear exaggerated by the contrast of his all-business like aura.
Fade to Black

Midday – - Plains somewhere in the Midwest

A war drum is heard in the distance. High pitch yells then heard nearby. Camera focused on a pack of wild buffalo. The buffalo are peacefully eating when suddenly they run towards the camera. Once the dust settles, several buffalo are seen lying dead in the plains. Camera trailing the barefooted Indians who are talking amongst themselves. As they approach the dead buffalo they find a small boy crying and holding on to one of the beasts. Indians look at each other in disbelief because it was the first time they had seen white flesh.
Fade to Black

Evening – - Beach in Southern California

Teenagers are playing beach volleyball. One hits the ball near the ocean. Apparently 1970’s because of the clothes worn.

Teenager 1 – - Hurry UP! We need to finish the tournament so I can get back home.

Teenager 2 – - (Running to the waters edge) got it!

While picking up the ball the kid momentarily looses consciousness and has a vision of a huge wave embossed by the figure of an eagle picking him up and pulling him out to sea where he finds himself slowly being sucked to the sea floor by an invisible current. Looking down he sees a 2009 Lexus GS with an oversized bow on it. Camera then zooms out from his eyes that begin to roll back into place and he finds himself where he was on the beach with only seconds lost. He runs back to finish his game.
Fade to Black

Black Screen – - “Opening Day”

Camera in soft focus fades into the point of view of a performer in a large ornate auditorium where people are filing out of their seats talking and clapping simultaneously. Camera focuses as the red curtain closes. Stage crew then comes and congratulates the actor (from camera p.o.v.) while other crewmembers begin to hurriedly clean up and put back props and lights. Our actor stays motionless as an Indian walks by taking off his wolf coat and tosses it to a man pushing a central park façade. The Indian then winks at the camera.
Fade to Black

Apartment in New York City

An alarm is buzzing and we see a middle aged man waking up on his couch to find that he has been disturbed by his neighbor’s smoke detector.

Next Door

Three college-aged men are sitting on a couch nestled very closely together looking very blazed. All have smirks on their faces but no smoke is in sight until the camera turns to face what they are looking at – - an older woman frantically fanning a microwave oven with burnt toast sizzling inside of it.

Back to middle aged man

He is now looking in his mirror. There are several newspaper clippings attached to it indicating that he was a somewhat successful actor. The whole apartment is now in full view. The room is very over-stimulating as it has disturbingly bright colors coming from the walls and furniture. There is a degree of chaos that highlights the room’s mis-en-scene.
Knocking on the door

The man, Beck, looks away from the mirror and fluffs his hair.

If it’s Arnold creeping around the halls again…

From behind the door (Muffled foreign accent)
Sir, please, we must speak with you immediately. Our lives are at risk!

Before Beck reaches the door a loud scraping sound is heard in the hallway outside the door, which incapacitates Beck and prolongs his ability to see who is rapaciously knocking. Slowly getting up from belly to knees to feet, Beck breaks into a sweat and looks out the peephole. Looking out, he sees a woman in distress being strangled by a man wearing high pants and a large veiling hat. Beck, acting quickly, opens the door only to find a familiar face, Arnold, standing in the hall in a stupor.

Another success off Broadway last night huh? Think you may be back on top?

Where is your mother? Is she still sick? I thought you cared for that woman?

Arnold, looking pitiful begins to break into tears. He pulls on his belt and vacillates back and forth trying to tuck his shirt in.

It’s so cold outside in the winter… She can hardly make it. She said just this morning, “You are only as weak as the help you don’t receive.” What do you make of that?

Emotionlessly, Beck leans back into his apartment and looks around inside then gazes back at Arnold. His shoulders twist as if he were embracing himself.

Have you heard anything unusual going on today?

My mother…

Other than her.

Looking at Beck with the same suspicious look that everyone gives him, Arnold puts his hands in his pockets.

She started playing jeopardy with her Alex. It’s almost over.

He walks down the hall and into the darkness. Beck leans outside his room for the first time and watches Arnold walk toward the stairs. Arnold looks back at Beck and Beck gives him a hand motion but Arnold doesn’t respond and proceeds down stairs.

opening sequence for film


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