Stolen Generation Story !!! I Don't want to eat my Vegetables.

I don’t want to eat my vegetables
As I sneak away from the table,
trying to blend in with the crowd
I can hear them coming to seek me out and carry me by my ears
To the table where my vegetables lay
Arms held behind back,
Mouth held open,
by the monsters that force food down my throat,
Choking is an option as I fight for breath
In the corner of the room I can see dark shadows,
Every now and then they move
I watch as the nuns walk towards them, with food in there hands
I can see they are dark skinned children, as they sit huddled on the floor in the corner
I see their faces reek of fear,
Or is that anticipation
The black and white habits walk back and forward,
throwing food on the ground
I cried as I witnessed this ACT,
Throwing food like they were DOGS
I watched as they scamper so quickly,
looking like they were starved,
Shoveling food into their mouths.
Not all got food that night, the strongest win out
I silently wonder how often they got fed?
As the last morsal of vegetables is pushed into my choking mouth
I’m led back into the darkness of the dorm
I take one last look behind me, and see the pain etched into each face
I now understand that not all people are kind,
Cruelty runs in some hearts
I wonder why we never see these children,
Where are they kept?
If I had eaten my vegetables that night,
I would have never known
Where do they sleep?
as we curl up in our beds
What do they do all day as we see sunlight,
Feel fresh air on our cheeks?
I ask and no one seems to know about this,
They look at me as if I’m mad
I scream these children exist,
I seen them with my eyes
Every one else is oblivious to the fact,
They were there I tell
I seen them, I seen them, I seen them I swear
We experience beatings, torture if you want to call it that, and you can
Sadistic people,
You could see the evil in their eyes
I silently wonder how those children get treated,
Do they get worse?
My heart fills with pain every time I see them, now I know I do
I see them peek around corners,
As nuns hit them away
I see them being taken, carrying buckets and rags
I see the pain in there faces,
The tears in their eyes
The fear seems to be etched into their skin
My heartbreaks, my pain is too much to bare,
I pray to god to help them
The irony of it I know,
Gods helpers,
Is that what they were???

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Stolen Generation Story !!! I Don't want to eat my Vegetables. by 

This beautiful women Emma Donovan is the inspiration for my write, this is the song I listened to the night I wrote this story, I cried listening to this beautiful song, have a listen !!!
Emma Donovan Ngarraanga Video Clip
Ngarraanga (Remember) or Ngarraanga Ngiinundi Yuludarra (Remember Your Dreaming) is Emmas tribute to the Stolen Generations and includes traditional language, written with long time writing partner Yanya Boston. The video was shot at Carriageworks in Redfern in Sydney and features the extraordinary talent of Torres Strait Islander dancer, Albert David, inter-woven with archival footage.
For more info please visit www.emmadonovan.

A must listen to:
The Most Amazing Song Ever – Wiyathul by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, Blind from birth an amazing artist …

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Myself and my three sisters spent time in a home run by NUNS (1974), for Aboriginal children.

Children were still being taken here in Australia right up till 1978…

The time I spent in a NUNS home for the stolen generation, the fair skinned children were separated from the dark skin children, and we were never to mix.
With my experiences I learnt compassion, and it opened my heart to the plight of others, I think that’s why now as an ADULT I work with children of ABUSE!
I do not dwell on what has happened, I learn and part knowledge to understand, I’m told by many children that they can talk to me because I understand what they are and have been going through… All I know is I show as much LOVE as one person can muster, and let them see that not all Adults are MONTERS!!!


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My grandfather taught me how to do Aboriginal dot paintings he instilled tradition and a proudness of my heratidge, My grangmother was waradjuri tribe one of the biggest tribes of New South Wales (Australia), My grandmother decends from the murry’s and roses, she was from the stolen generation… I paint real places in Australia every painting has a story or purpose , MY FAMILY, MY PEOPLE, MY LAND !!!

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  • Guendalyn
    Guendalynalmost 3 years ago


  • Thank you beautiful … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • Zi-O
    Zi-Oalmost 3 years ago

    There is so much cruelty and injustice in this world often acts dealt out by those who are suppose to be the child’s keeper. Thank you for bringing to this to light.

  • I hope with evolution, and growth, people like this get phased out of society… Thank you so much for your beautiful comment my friend … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • Mllrg973
    Mllrg973almost 3 years ago

    Very deep story, Lesley. So much of this existed at one time, over here in the USA 100 years ago. Children left homeless or abandoned had to endure conditions like this. They were beat around and sometimes hurt so bad they would die. There was such a place in Gettysburg, PA, an orphanage that had people so nasty, she would trap them in rooms to die from starvation. Today, this site is a very haunted place.

  • I’ve heard of this place, Gettysburg a very sad event indeed, and yes I have no doubt there would be a lot of traped spirits there… Here in Australia they were still taking children away right up to 1978, so there is still a lot of pain and sadness in many of our elders today, whole families have still never been re-united till this very day, so the rawness of this is still alive today …
    Thanks for your beautiful comment, Love and Light my friend … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • Keith Richardson
    Keith Richardsonalmost 3 years ago

    G’day Lwsley.
    I am belittled by your courage. Such memories must tear at your soul, yet you are able to reveal them to your friends here. Can we possibly understand? For me, no. Even though I try, I know each tiny bit of understanding gained is miniscule, compared with what you have experienced…
    Warm regards, Keith

  • My beautiful friend Keith, it is a pleasure to hear from you, whats that saying, “what doesn’t kill you, can only make you STRONGER” I have many horrible experiences, but I chose not to live in their missery, they are only memories now, don’t get me wrong there was a time the pain ripped me to my core, I have suffered one to many years because of this and more, I no longer chose to let this and other things affect me, as I am a beautiful strong willed ABORIGINAL WOMEN a surviver with a proudness in my soul. This is a sad thing that had happened here and over there, but I believe we should all learn from this and make sure that our future children are safe and loved by us all, they are everyones responsibility we all play a part in the CHILDRENS FUTURE !!! I love your beautiful comment Keith, thanks again my friend … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • bazcelt
    bazceltalmost 3 years ago

    A fantastic statement and story, thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for stopping by, and you are so welcome my friend … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • Pat Yager
    Pat Yageralmost 3 years ago

    Leslie, the world needs to know about this! Your voice here is the first I’ve ever heard of it. Can the authorities in Australia make this known and assure that it will never be allowed to happen again?

  • Every one in Australia knows about this, because it’s still reletivly a fresh thing, there is still a lot of people and Elders that will not talk about it, it’s to emotional or just plane refusal because it’s too traumatic to… We did have one member of Parliment our (Prime Minister) Kevin Rudd, and he was raked over the coals for doing it,(HE SAID SORRY) to all the Aboriginal peoples for the families that were destroyed and taken by DOCS (Government) kids are still being taken by DOCS (Department of Childrens Services) but it’s done in a different way, I’m not saying it’s all good, most time not, I’m now an Aboriginal Carer and I hope I can make a difference in these kids lives sometimes I do and sometimes it’s just to much for these kids that no one can make a difference, but at I try…Thanks Pat for your pure beautiful concern, you are a beautiful soul my friend … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

    – LESLEY B

  • Jane  mcainsh
    Jane mcainshalmost 3 years ago

    wonderful write , showing the injustice and prejudice far to many people face in life. the sheer cruelty inflicted on theses poor children is so dehanising.

  • Oh WOW thank you so much for this feature, this means so much to me, that people can understand the injustice in my words, the night I wrote this I went to listen to a beautiful Aboriginal singer, she sang about the stolen Generation, it bought tears to my eye’s and it also gave me inspiration to write this… I thank you from the bottom of my heart … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • HamperRefuser
    HamperRefuserover 2 years ago

    This is a stunning piece of work. So deep and the language you use make it uncomfortable, but beautiful in its own poetic way. So much to think about, It is definitely a matter that needs bringing to peoples attention, and I am pleased you have. Inspiring to say the least.


  • Thank you so much Nathan, your words please my soul, here among the Aboriginal people we all know the truth, and yes there are more people / Aboriginal Artists speaking this truth in their own tallented ways. I realy like your comment my friend it is so appreciated … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • trueblvr
    trueblvrover 2 years ago

    Yes…The Most Amazing Song Ever….just got done viewing…and “HEARING” the photos of archives were perfect with it. Leslie… may be Blessed…but you are also such a Blessing.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a beautiful soul my friend, I love your comment and I’m glad you like it … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

  • karina5
    karina5about 2 years ago

    Lesley, the history of your people should never be forgotten! Thank you for writing down this story.

  • Thank you so much for your kind beautiful words … xox Lesley xox …

    – LESLEY B

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