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Les Boucher

Sanctuary Point, Australia

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Nikon factory closed in Thailand by floods.

If you are thinking of buying a Nikon Camera you might like to first ask how long it will take before you can actually have it in your hands.

After much research, which included reading a multitude of online reviews, I finally decided on which DSLR would find its way into my grubby little hands. Initially I was leaning towards the Pentax K-5 as, unlike the Canon and Nikon, it had the vibration reduction in the body where the other two have it in the lens. This in turn leads to more outlay of dollars when buying lens. As well as that the Pentax has a stronger body and more dust and water resistant than the others. Other than that, and I know that a lot of Canon and Nikon users will disagree with me on this, all three are pretty similar in their results and much of that is dependent on the glass rather than differences in the body.

Even though my original preference was for the Pentax ( and a hell of a lot more reading) I decided to purchase the Nikon D 7000. I checked around and obtained the best price that I could find and placed my order last Wednesday.

Today (Monday) I rang to check on my order only to be told by the retailer that they couldn’t get hold of the body of the D 7000 from Nikon and had no idea when it might be in stock. I then rang Nikon to ask if what I had been told was correct and to see if they could give me some idea of when my order would be filled.
Nikon (Sales) informed me that they had no idea of when supplies would be available as floods in Thailand had closed the factory. I asked if they could give me an estimate only to be told that they had heard nothing from “upstairs” and it could be two, three or more months before they had stocks available to fill orders. As the sales person told me “it could be longer”.

Now, I understand that forces of nature can destroy production schedules and I feel sorry for the workers who have had their lives put on hold while the company repairs its production line. I also feel sorry for the families of those who have lost their lives in the floods.
But what I can’t understand is why Nikon, and the retailers, are still taking orders for products that they can’t supply and not informing the customer that their order will take months to fill. I hadn’t paid for my order (or even paid a deposit) which was requested at the time of ordering the D 7000 as I never pay for anything (unless it is being delivered) until I have the product in my hands.

To me, Nikon are sending a message that they just don’t care about the customer. This would have been the first time that I purchased a Nikon product but now I am thinking of cancelling the order and going back to the Pentax K-5 which I know is in stock. It has left me wondering if Nikon are riding on their reputation, which in my case has now taken a battering, rather than thinking of the customer. Is it time to start supporting the smaller manufacturer, such as Pentax, rather than “the big guys ?”

I would be interested in your thoughts.



  • MissyD
    MissyDover 2 years ago

    I can well see your frustration Les. When I decide I want something, I want it now. I dont like being told “no, you have to wait for it”
    Worst of all having it on order when they know damn well it will be months on months before you even remotely look like getting it. They shouldnt be taking orders for it.
    Where did you order the camera from? I know that you can order the body cheaper over the internet but you might be better of going to a Camera House store or Harvey Norman store where it will be in stock and pay a bit more for it?

  • Hi Missy, frustrated doesn’t come close to what I felt when I found out that it will take months before I would get the camera. I said words like damn and blast ;~) or something like that…LOL

    What really gets me is the lack of concern for the customer by both the retailer and Nikon. Had I not phoned to check on the order I would not have known what was happening. The attitude in both places , but more so with Nikon sales, was a shoulder shrug and an attitude of “if you don’t like it…stiff…”
    I ordered the camera from Ryda as they were offering the best deal. I had also checked with Digital Camera warehouse in Sydney and they didn’t mention at that time that there was a shortage either. Yesterday I recontacted DCW to ask about their stocks and the phone went quiet for a few seconds until I was finally told that "yes there is a shortage and we have no idea when we might receive stock.

    I would have thought that it would be in Nikon’s interest, as a public relations exercise, to make a public announcement that there is a problem and that they are working towards a solution and are sorry for the inconvenience to their customers…..but, not a peep out of them until you ask.

    The trouble with buying cameras over the net (as well as taking the risk of not knowing what you are getting) is that many brands, including Canon and Nikon, have a warranty policy that only covers you in Country of Purchase In other words…no warranty if you import it. Here in Australia we also have the problem that any camera with a value of more than $1,000 is subject to a 10% GST (grab,snatch and Take) tax.

    – Les Boucher

  • Country  Pursuits
    Country Pursuitsover 2 years ago

    Hi Les.
    For recommendations, I have an older Pentax DSLR, the K110D, which has a whopping 6.2mp and no shake reduction at all.
    All I can tell you is that I have had no problems with the camera, despite watching it bounce on the tarmac a couple of years ago, which cracked the plastic and was ‘fixed’ 30 mins later by a hot knife smoothing the plastic down and sealing the crack at the same time.
    I may hasten to add that it was not the only time the camera had been dropped, so 10/10 for build quality

    Hope this helps in your decision.

  • Thank you for that. I think that I will cancel the order for the Nikon and buy the Pentax K5 after all. Like the K110d the K5 is almost bullet proof with a Magnesium alloy and stainless steel body shell. It also has 16.3 Mp.
    Digital Photo review state the K-5, Pentax’ latest offering to the ‘serious amateur photographer’, will have to fight for consumers’ attention with the likes of the Canon 7D, Nikon D7000 and D300S, and the Olympus E-5.

    – Les Boucher

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 2 years ago

    Hi Les,
    What a situation to be in. You should try reaching the Japan offices, see if they can get your camera to you from Japan.
    Japans Corporate Nikon link

    Nikon Products & Support Japan Phone numbers.

    Nikon Percision Equipment link

    I hope these links are helpful Les. I’m sure Japan would love to help you, they take pride in their work and things they make. Good Luck!

  • Thank you Ann, I will contact Japan and let them know that I am not happy with the way that they treat there customers and worst of all “Prospective Customers”

    – Les Boucher

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 2 years ago

    I know that Nikon Corporate offices will love to hear from you. Japanese value honor in their work.

  • Les Boucher
    Les Boucherover 2 years ago

    It just goes to show what jumping up and down and spitting dummies (pacifiers) can do. I was just about to cancel the Nikon order (I even had the phone in my hand ready to dial) when it rang and I was informed that my Nikon was ready to be picked up.
    For the camera to have been delivered to the retailer today it had to leave Nikon (Australia) on Friday. So, the next question has to be why was I told by Nikon that it would take several months to supply? It doesn’t make sense that a large corporation, such as Nikon, would lack the comunication within their company that would cause prospective buyers to have second thoughts about purchasing their equipment.
    The only answer that I can come up with is that Nikon located a camera from another retailer although, that wouldn’t explain how it was shipped so fast. Even with overnight shipping it wouldn’t be direct from one retailer to another it would have to go indirectly through Nikon as the retailer that I am picking up from told me,in the phone call, that it came from Nikon head office.
    A mystery but one that I will track down.

    In the mean time I will jump on a train and spend tomorrow travelling to sydney and back with my Nikon firmly grasped in my grubby little hands ;~))


  • Geraldine Lefoe
    Geraldine Lefoeover 2 years ago

    Glad you got your Nikn Les I’m sure you won’t regret I have heard very good things from those who have the 7000

  • Geraldine Lefoe
    Geraldine Lefoeover 2 years ago

    Btw Nikon were also severely hot by the Japan tsunami so I think comms are a real problem for them

  • You are right Geraldine there does seem to be a lack of communication within Nikon. Even the local (Sydney) office told me that they weren’t being informed “By Upstairs” what was happening.
    Someone in Nikon needs a good kick in the butt if they want to retain their reputation as one of the top two manufacturers.

    Oh! and I had a talk to a tech guy at Nikon the day after I Picked the camera up and was informed that I might find that there is a problem with it reading the latest memory cards as, they had been updated (by the manufacturers) and some cameras weren’t accepting them….I should let them know and they would update my camera if they didn’t work…..and If this was the case I should return it to Sydney…At my expense…for the update to be carried out….arghhhhh!

    As the man who fell off the multi storied building was heard to say as he passed each floor….so far so good. LOL

    – Les Boucher