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Les Boucher

Les Boucher

Sanctuary Point, Australia

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Upgrading Equipment.....

Like many of you there comes a time when you need to upgrade some or all of your equipment. Just recently I have started thinking along the lines of updating my printer in an effort to take my Photography to the next step forward.
After reading enough reviews to have my head spinning and where possible eye balling the various machine’s I am down to one or two models that I think would suit my purpose.

What annoys me is the blatant rip off that the parent companies inflict on the general Australian public when pricing their equipment. I have written before about how the majority of Photographic Equipment Manufacturers set exorbitant prices on their equipment while not carrying a full International Warranty on their products and now, it seems that other companies who supply photographic supplies and equipment, are also gouging every cent out of the Australian public while giving no explanation as to why or how they set their prices. Below you will find a letter that I wrote to Epson enquiring about a printer which they are trying to sell to the photographic fraternity within Australia and I have included their reply. As you will see in my enquiry I asked why, with the Australian Dollar being so strong, Australians were being charged over $600 more than their counterparts in the USA for the same piece of equipment. If, after you have read this, you are not as incensed at the arrogance that their reply shows I would be very surprised. It has me having second thoughts about purchasing their equipment. I have to wonder, if this is Epson’s attitude to an enquiry prior to purchase I what would the after sales service would be like.

I look forward to your thoughts….Now read on……

To whom it may concern,
My inquiry relates to the STYLUS PHOTO R3000. I am thinking of upgrading and this machine seems to do all that I would require of it. Being on a pension I watch where every cent goes and because of this, I am confused as to why this same machine sells for around $600 less in the USA than it does in Australia when the Australian Dollar is currently higher than that of the $US. Like most people these days I compare products and prices over the internet prior to purchase in an effort to obtain the best value for money. But the prices that we are being charged for items in Australia seem to be out of touch with the rest of the world.

There may well be a very good reason for this but, as a prospective customer, I can’t see why.

Could you please explain why there is such a difference in price for this product between the two countries?

I look forward to your reply as, it will influence which printer I purchase.

Yours Sincerely.
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Response (Epson Australia) 20/06/2011 03.14 PM
Thank you for contacting Epson Support.

Epson Australia has priced this product in line with the prices of other Epson products in this category in Australia, so that we have prices ranging from entry level to premium,

We also review our prices against competitor products with similar specifications to ensure that we are not pricing beyond market expectations.

We do not consider the prices in other countries of similar Epson products when setting Australian prices.


Epson Customer Support

Isn’t it those purchasing the product who dictate’s “Market Expectations” and not the manufacturer? After all WE ARE the market, and without the customer these companies cease to exist. I leave it up to you to form your own opinion and come to your own conclusions but, it is time that these companies understood that, since the advent of the Internet, customers will compare prices with those overseas and they will take their hard come by Dollars and cents elsewhere, including overseas, if they can find a better deal. Australia is no longer a dot in the southern ocean where these companies can blatantly rip their customers off and blame it on import tax etc. Ask any retail outlet and they will tell you just how much their turnover has dropped since customers have been able to compare prices, with those overseas. You only have to look at retail prices and how they are falling just so the retailer can compete with the “NEW” International market.
It is up to each and every one of us to take a stand and demand that our purchases are equal to, if not better than, those which we can obtain from overseas.



  • clydeessex
    clydeessexover 3 years ago

    I have been looking for an Epson myself, and was seriously thinking about buying overseas. I cannot see anything wrong with their reply really since if you had written to any other printer company they would have said the same thing! The fact is it is very unfortunate that we live in a country where everything is expensive … and it is very annoying that the currency appreciation has not flowed through!!

  • I have replied to Epson and also forwarded a copy of this entry. I have asked that it be passed onto senior management as the buying public of this country have had enough and WILL spend their money overseas if that is what it takes to show that we have had enough of being over charged for products…..I’ll look forward to their reply and I will also post it here for you to see.

    – Les Boucher

  • clydeessex
    clydeessexover 3 years ago

    …so we should vote with our wallets and buy via the internet! :)

  • I’m with you on buying overseas although, you have to be careful that the wiring is up to Australian standards and voltage requirements.

    The part of Epsons reply that got to me was We do not consider the prices in other countries of similar Epson products when setting Australian prices.

    With the free flow of the Internet I would have thought that companies,such as Epson, would make this one of their priorities Knowing, that the customer CAN head overseas to make their purchase.

    – Les Boucher

  • You might also like to look at the replacement costs for ink …at around $44 a cartridge …it the chicken said….CHEEP

    – Les Boucher

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 3 years ago

    Try shopping through I got both my printers there for reasonable prices. :)))

  • Thank you for that Ann… The trouble that we have is that any thing that is made for USA runs on around 110 – 120 volts while here,in Australia, we work on 240 volts.
    I believe that a voltage converter is available but that is something that I will have to look into. As you can see using a machine wired for your conditions without a converter would end up with shorting out, possible fires and maybe even ….well, you get the picture.
    I hope that others read this BEFORE they purchase equipment from overseas….. cheap doesn’t always mean what it says ;~)

    I still think though that we,here in Australia, are being ripped off by these companies and until we start voting with wallets as Clyde suggests…nothing will change.

    – Les Boucher

  • Les Boucher
    Les Boucherover 3 years ago

    I have just done a quick check on step down transformers (needed when using equipment set up for 110 -120 volts on a 240 Volt system) and you are looking at around $100 -$150 plus a converter plug which is around $15. Take into account shipping and the product ,in this case a printer, will still work out cheaper than buying locally by about $300 – $400.

    I hope this also helps with anyone wanting to buy overseas product

  • Geraldine Lefoe
    Geraldine Lefoeover 3 years ago

    Like you I have found epson staff very arrogant in their responses when asking similar questions. Teh incredible charges for ink refills on all epson printers is quite amazing and this is where teh real money is made. Even if you don’t buy the printer overseas certainly check out ink cartidge replacement elsewhere. The low volume of sales in Australia compared to markets elsewhere means these companies charge more to increase the profit margin. You can get better prices by not buying directly from Epson but from the major retailers on many printers since when they order them in bulk they get them cheaper. You will from time to time see rebate offers on Epson printers too.

  • Geraldine Lefoe
    Geraldine Lefoeover 3 years ago

    Where Epson offers the printer for $1499 in their online store plus P&P I note that a local ebay store offers it for $1368 with a free paper pack and extended warranty.

  • Hi Geraldine, you might like to take a look at as they have it for sale for $1,259.99. I don’t know this site and have never used it but it shows what can be achieved just by a little search on Google.

    It is still a long way from the $800 or $900 that I counterparts in the USA are paying especially, when you take into account that the Australian Dollar is worth $1.06009 compared to the US$1. (June 22 2011)

    Six cents doesn’t sound much but take that over a full shipment of computers received by Epson Australia or any other photographic company and you will see what massive profits are involved at the cost to the consumer.

    As you say the price of refills is over the top. The only saving grace is that the Ultra Chrome K3inks SEEM to give a better finished product and, from a review which I have just re-read in digital Photography magazine, they are larger than those used in previous models and SEEM to be lasting longer. Whether this is because of the increased size or the machine is more economical I guess only time will tell.

    – Les Boucher

  • Geraldine Lefoe
    Geraldine Lefoeover 3 years ago

    Thanks Les – I’m hoping to pick one up a bit cheaper at PMA …