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New Act in UK makes it Legalfor Photographs to be used without Payment...

I received the following in an email from a friend and thought that I should pass it on. It would appear that the Photographer no longer has any rights in the UK. If you hear of this creeping into your country I would urge you to write to your Government and voice you dissatisfaction.

Read on and see what you think.

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New Act in UK Makes it Legal for Photographs to Get Used Without Payment
by Gevon Servo

Lets just let this sink in a little: In a attempt to possibly kill off professional photographers, the UK has a new act that makes it legal for photographs to get used without payment to the creators. A few photographers instantly went “WHAT!” A few others said some phrases so colourful they could not be repeated. The British government, in an appalling decision, is applying this to all photographs worldwide. Basically, this affects all photographers.

This new act known as the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act, which received Royal Assent, allows all work considered to be an orphaned work to be used for free. Orphan works are those which the creator cannot be found. In essence, this just does not mean the work of people who have passed. This applies to images that have no metadata also. The majority of websites and social media sites strip out all metadata. This makes an image and orphan work, allowing it to be used for free and for any purpose. If a corporation or individual proves they searched and could not find the author of the image, they don’t have to pay.

There is a lot more to this and you can read it here


  • Donna Huntriss
    Donna Huntrissover 1 year ago

    I have just registered with Viscopy so you would think they would be able to make sure you are paid -they are very good litigators I hear!

  • I have just had a quick look around the Viscopy site and it looks interesting. Thank you for this information Donna

    – Les Boucher

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 1 year ago

    Hi Les, this is very disturbing news!
    Thank you for bringing it to us. I tried your link above and each time I tried, it took me (rerouted me I should say) to Redbubble (three different areas???)

  • I had the same thing happen when I clicked on the link as well Ann and my replies to you keep vanishing as well….RB up to their childish games again?

    try this or just paste it into google and it should work;

    – Les Boucher

  • LindaR
    LindaRover 1 year ago

    this is frightening! thanks for bringing it to light! xx

  • The thin edge of the wedge Linda….. A sad day for artists.

    – Les Boucher

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 1 year ago

    Thank you Les,, that link worked. Take care of yourself dear friend. :)))

  • Your very welcome Ann.

    – Les Boucher

  • © Joe  Beasley IPA
    © Joe Beasley...over 1 year ago

    http://orphanworks.com/ and http://orphanworks.org/ registered on: 28-Jan-05 to Joseph Gratz who represents Google in the Google Book Search copyright cases. The date these websites were created were 1 year before the 1st attempt to pass a orphans work bill in the US. Now another attempt is being made to pass orphans works in the US

    just saying………..

  • Yes Joe, just another grab for the mighty dollar at the expense of the little guy……

    – Les Boucher