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I like to write and paint. I do both as much as possible. Most of my later paintings are done in acrylic or are digitally painted. Hope you enjoy my work.
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Question to redbubble staff

I’ve tried to contact the redbubble staff, but I got no response at all. I’ve had my artwork on redbubble for a long time and have sold absolutely nothing.. No tshirts, no prints nothing. I’ve received 17,568 views and not only have I not sold anything, I have received practically no comments what so ever. So be honest, seriously, is my artwork really that bad.
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September 22 (later that night)

I guess most people don’t use this area of Redbubble as a personal journal, but I figrue what the heck, why not? / Didn’t get much done today art wise. I have been trying to set up an account on Society6. Maybe I can sell a print or a T_Shirt or something on there. I’ve read that Society6 gets more web traffic than Redbubble (Sorry Redbubble). It’s worth a try I guess.…
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September 22 (Later that same day)

Just added another political cartoon. . . Not getting many views – only after I post to twitter and tumblr . . . Come on all you republicans and democrats, make a comment, click I like this on facebook or I don’t like this. . . commit!!!! / Oh well, back to YOUTUBE!!!!
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September 22

Well, I updated my bio today. LIstening to ! ROCK FM and working on cartoons. Doing mostly drawing today . . . Hope to come up with some good S**t. My wife is at work, so I have the house to my self and can crank the stereo. I think I may check the " I draw girls" dude on YOUTUBE. So . . . It’s off to never,never land . . . / See you later / Leon
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