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Barbara Brown

Sacramento, United States

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I am a freelance photographer and and Social Worker After many years in Social Work services and administration, I am attempting to retire though keep getting pulled back in. Photography has always been a passion and I look forward to having more time to pursue that as well as getting back into art. As my portfolio demonstrates, I love all types of photography, from landscapes and travel to macro, weddings and portraiture. I hope you enjoy viewing my work and thank you.












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Some of you may remember xcarguy. He was funny and posted some great images after I encouraged him to do so. He took my old camera and tried his hand at photography in order to share my passion. He hasn’t posted for some time as he has been ill. He passed away this week, the reason I have not been here very much. He was my partner, soulmate and best friend. I miss him so much and wante…
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A Wonderful Honor

I recently was contacted by an art agency and sold the license to print 75 images of Tahoe Abstract to be displayed in the rooms of a hotel being built in Phoenix, Arizona. Very exciting.
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Sad, but participation is down on RB. Fewer comments, less participation in groups. I have seen it in my own works and in my groups. There are numerous reasons for this which I won’t go into at this time. However, the reaction of many people is to become more regimented, you must participate in group forums, you must vote in the challenges, you must let us know you voted or that you wil…
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Be Safe

To our friends on the US east coast. Our thoughts are with you. Stay safe.
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