My favorite Photoshop's tutorials


It usually takes hours to find out real good Photoshop’s tutorials on the Web. So, I created this journal to share my favorite Photoshop’s tutorials. I will complete the list whenever I will have time.

Correcting a portrait
Here are some interesting tips regardng the use of Photoshop’s tools for correcting a portrait:
General use
Tutorial 1
Hair color
Tutorial 13
#Brunette to Blonde
Removing spots
Tutorial 17
Whitening teeth
Tutorial 18
Removing Makeup
Tutorial 19
Adding eyelashes
Tutorial 20

Little planets
You can make little planets as these by using Photoshop:
Little planets
Here are some tutorials on how to make little planets:
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4
Tutorial 15
To complete the project, you may need to use the clone stamp tool or the free transform tool. So, here are some tutorials:
Tutorials on clone stamp tool :
Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6
Tutorial on free transform tool :
Tutorial 7
If you don’t have the perfect picture to apply the techniques showed in these tutorials, you still can adapt them to your needs as I did in this picture:

The Pen tool
Here are some great tutorials about how using the pen tool:
Tutorial 8
Tutorial 9
Tutorial 10
Tutorial 11

The basis
A funny series of video to learn the basis of Photoshop on YouTube: The series is entitled You suck at Photosop. I learned a lot watching some of the videos of the series. Here’s one of the video about the use of clone stamp::
Tutorial 12

Extraction methods
Here is an advanced method for extracting an image from its background:

Water running
Here is an interesting tutorial showing some techniques to simulate water running in Photoshop:
Tutorial 16
These techniques helped me doing this picture:

Using clipping masks to modify textures
“Tutorial 22 ":
Wrapping objects with Displacement Maps
Tutorial 23

Great ressource
If it doesn’t bother you to pay to have access to some fantastic tutorials, is a fantastic ressource. I learned a lot and I am still learning thanks to this website and some tutorials there are free too.


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