JJ is one of my best friends from Weedy Field. He was always the most inquisitive blue jay around but he was also unusually quiet for a jay. When I started bringing peanuts, he’d murmur unlike anything I’d heard in a blue jay before. Now, I can call him from 200 yards away with a very weak whistle and he’ll land in the branch closest to my head and murmur. He’s not ready to be hand-fed yet but we will come well within reach and look at me with patient eyes and an eager beak. LOL!

This shot came from the hand-held Nikon D80 again but the next shots should come from the camera being triggered remotely while on a tripod. With any good timing at all, I’ll catch him much closer with a wider angle 18 55mm lens and possibly looking at me with those surprising seemingly intelligent eyes.

Oh, and yes, the peanuts are unsalted since I don’t need to be paying for health care for scrub jays or the brown tree squirrels who share them. ;-)


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  • funkyfacestudio
    funkyfacestudioover 6 years ago

    This is an awesome capture, nice shot ! gorgeous bird :)

  • Thank you very much. :-) I hadn’t looked at a “scrub jay” closely until JJ and I became friends and I was surprised to see their feathers are so…. well, in disarray. LOL! But their personalities are very individualized and the new four birds who come for peanuts too are much more traditional jays: squawking loudly to get my attention or chasing each other off. And JJ is just a beautiful set of colours, with a pink tongue I didn’t know they had until JJ let me see it up close and personal.

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • funkyfacestudio
    funkyfacestudioover 6 years ago

    I was going to comment on his pink tongue but then I thought “do birds have tongues” lol…..it was late ! This bird is a beauty, I have never seen one before.

  • Lenny La Rue, IPA
    Lenny La Rue, IPAover 6 years ago

    Wow! Never seen a common scrub jay??? I thought they were like crows and everywhere. LOL! Well then, you’ve probably seen the Stellar Jays: a birds much like this one but much brighter and having a high “mohawk” of feathers. Both varieties act alike but one is scrubby (like JJ) and the other is so stunningly beautiful it looks like one of heaven’s birds flying too low. :-D

    Zip’s mom (an Anna’s Humminbird, also in here somewhere) stuck her long thin tongue out at me while I was photographing her while standing under her nest of fledglings. As far as I can tell, all birds have tongues but I’m going to just take raptors’ word on it… ;-)

  • totty23
    totty23over 6 years ago

    so jelous of this pic its wonderfull, his colour is stunning, whats the blurry stuff around him? is that deliberate? yes or no it does help him to be more focal and stands out more.


  • Lenny La Rue, IPA
    Lenny La Rue, IPAover 6 years ago

    The blur is either depth of field, the spider webs on the ground, or both. Weedy Field was overrun by tiny spiders for a while in the summer and I had to be very careful not to ruin one of their days by being The Big Dumb Human. LOL! Thanks for the comments but JJ’s photos are very common for me now that he’s almost tame. A few peanuts, a quiet voice, with a ready camera and you’ll have many like this one too. ;-)

  • Irish
    Irishover 6 years ago

    Perfect Capture!

  • Lenny La Rue, IPA
    Lenny La Rue, IPAover 6 years ago

    :-D Thanks!

  • Jennifer  Tate
    Jennifer Tateover 6 years ago

    I love this shot… perfect… it looks like you have a little friend

  • Tainia Finlay
    Tainia Finlayover 6 years ago

    He’s gorgeous & you’ve captured him beautifully ♥

  • Nanmarie
    Nanmarieover 6 years ago

    This is remarkable. Wow!

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