I don’t think I’d kiss this.

Shot taken while hanging the D90 over the side of the pen after calling cutie over for a scratch behind the ears. Ya know, if an animal has ears, it seems to like scratching behind them. What’s up with that? Is there some nexus of “scratch me” nerve ending common to anything that can reach? Some animals won’t let anyone else do it but they certainly get silly-happy when they do it themselves. Little ears, big ears, floppy ears, ridged ears, hairy, bald, see-thru, dirty… Makes no difference. The sea lions don’t have external ears and not one was seen scratching behind their ear hole. Snakes can hear sans anything I can recognize as ear-like but they don’t help each other out even if none of them have hands. Same with fish and some of them even seem to HAVE ears.

Bats reach back there, birds who have them lick a foot back there (owls) and birds that don’t don’t bother (chickens and ducks).

Giraffes are an exception. I wonder why since they could reach if they got all their parts lined up.

Antennae don’t seem to count either, even tho they are mostly just external eardrums catching a wave. Bees and ants are exceptions in that direction. I’ve seen a lot of them sorta reaching behind, if not for very long. Do they lose their balance unless they’ve got ‘6 on the floor’? Bees simply have no good excuse for that, having wings to help keep them upright whether if a foot’s in the air or not.

I’m not gonna worry about it much. I can scratch behind my own ears. And if you read this and DIDN’T scratch behind your own ears, you win a prize. Like not yawning when someone else does it. Seems unnatural. Like vampires or werewolves or a mermaid. 6 hands between ’em and you still never see one scratching behind the ears. Why is that when vamps, wolves and maids do it whenever the urge itches up.

Curious stuff I doubt you give a pig’s ear to hear. Oink.


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  • Odille Esmonde-Morgan
    Odille Esmonde...almost 3 years ago

    LOL here Lenny, thanks for the laugh. And I daresay his mother loved him . . . .

  • Karirose
    Karirosealmost 3 years ago

    Oink. My eyebrow needed scratching while reading this…. not my ear or behind it. Do I still get a prize?

    As always, thanks for the smiles you gave me while reading your commentary. :D

  • William Brennan
    William Brennanalmost 3 years ago

    Quite a handsome fella. :)

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