Jimmy sleeping as close as he can to me... by Lenny La Rue, IPA

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Jimmy sleeping as close as he can to me... by 

…without bugging me to death! LOL! While I house sat, Jimmy and I didn’t spend a lot of time apart and some of that time was quality time with playing, spooning (He does it, I don’t!), and generally taking short walks around the property. He’s pretty darn comfortable with his single eye sight and will go almost nose to nose with the deer, who don’t mind him either.

I’m a “scatter-focus” artist. ANYTHING may be here or roundabout my galleries. Expect nothing anywhere and you’ll always be OK. ;-)

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  • Karirose
    Karirosealmost 5 years ago

    What a sweet face! Kahlan says she wishes it was like her kitty. She explained that means she would like to see her kitty in one of your pictures. LOL Nice to have such a devoted 5 year old fan, isn’t it?

  • LOL! Thank you both! :-D Jimmy’s face is one of the most expressive faces I’ve seen on a cat. It’s like all the facial muscles are human ones and he can tweak them at will to let it be known what’s on his mind!

    Karirose, you have a camera, darling. If you use it, send me the shot and I will promote my smallest “constant watcher”. Promise. :-D

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • Esther's Art and Photography
    Esther's Art a...almost 5 years ago

    Hi Lenny, This is such a lovely peaceful image. Would you like to enter it in the Living spaces group challenge? That would be great !!
    Here is the link

  • Thank you and thanks for the invite! But this shot was taken in Cathy’s home while housesitting. There is absolutely nothing shootable in my apartment, except maybe the renter, and then NOT with a camera… LOL!

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • SelinaEM
    SelinaEMalmost 5 years ago


  • Spooning is good. LOL! There are some obvious issues when spooning with a cat tho. They always seem to ‘cat nap’ and stretch with their claws out so you always wanna be the ‘outer spoon’. But you gotta watch out for the one thing you never have to worry about while spooning a human: the tail. I don’t wear stuff when I sleep and waking up to something tickling you below the navel is unnerving. Also, Jimmy like kissing a LOT, both giving and receiving. I almost always give him the smootch on the top of his head. He, on the other hand (or paw as may be), might lick a nipple and that’s another spot where sandpaper tongues need not visit. DAYAM! Whatever I was dreaming ended as a BAD nightmare.

    But sleeping besides Jimmy is OK now that he meow’s loudly at the first sign that I’m moving. The few times he joined me after I was already asleep were experimental and I rolled over on him twice before he got the message to ‘scream first, kiss second’. :_)

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • Bunny Clarke
    Bunny Clarkealmost 5 years ago

    He looks like a sweet little character. Excellent capture.

  • He is positively adorable. Cathy will be happy to read you comment. :-D

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • Marg Thomson Photography
    Marg Thomson P...almost 5 years ago

    Oh Lenny – he is gorgeous! I have cat envy! xoxox

  • OMG! I doubt you would have gone there intentionally but a “3rd generation” pun snapped into my mind from that ‘envy’ comment. (“Cat” being Generation One…) Hehehe! If you follow this, Bmail me because I’m sure and hell not gonna type it out here! LMFAO!

    Jimmy IS gorgeous in his own special way. Physically, he’s almost the definitive “ideal cat” size and shape. I have 5-year old shots of him that look identical to this one. Personality-wise, he’s also peer-less and I’ve know a bazillion cats! Until his recent needs, he’s been almost completely self-sufficient and even with his needs now, he’s no burden whatsoever and a fun cat to have around. Wanna play fetch? He’ll do the second part (after you throw something) but you’ll need to do the third part (retrieving what you threw). He wait their eager for you to throw it again. Got hairbands? Not anymore. ROTF! He can play with those for hours, or until he shoots one where it can’t find it. They’ve been found in EVERYTHING, all looking rather played-out! Wanna cat that will kiss you on command, and many more times on his own? A cat that will go nose-to-nose with a deer? A cat who lives with raccoons, skunks, turkeys, squirrels, and numerous birds in harmony? Want a cat that will help you stalk a gopher (bit sit by while it pops up if you’re not stalking too)? A cat with at least 20 ‘meows’ I can ID and another 30 I haven’t got a clue about? A cat to walk on your laptop keyboard and turn it off in the middle of a Red Bubble response, yet learn not to from a non-threatening hand and no loud “no”?

    If I could choose a cat, Jimmy would be the model and there’s no way I’d be completely satisfied. He’s just too unique, too fun, too human to be found in another kitty.

    Heck, I have cat envy, too!!!!!! :-D

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • sweetscent62
    sweetscent62almost 5 years ago

    It’s nice to see Jimmy again :), very cute capture LL. Wen xxx
    p.s. had to laugh about spooning with the pussy-

  • OMG!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! You are sooooooooooooooooo bad (and sooooooooooooooooo receptive)! LOLOLOLOL! Jimmy will pop up in RB as long as I’m alive. I have that many unique shots of this amazing animal.

    Now go to sleep and get those thoughts out of your head and into some sort of reality I won’t mention here. LMAO!

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • katpix
    katpixalmost 5 years ago

    Beautiful cat

  • Yes, he is. And now that the comments have gotten low enough on the page, I’ll admit the truth: Jimmy was asleep but he woke up when I knelt on a squeaky floorboard. To remedy the situation of a now-awake kitty, I turned on the Nikon’s pre-focusing light to make him close his eyes faster than I can do it physically. If you stare at a cat long enough, it will slowly close its eyes as it trusts you won’t attack. It might take a while and it needs to be a cat who’s already afraid or knows you well and will do what you do if you slowly close your eyes. But I was impatient and took about 10 shots to make sure I got one with his eyes completely closed. Unfortunately, I had to use the flash instead of natural lighting but I think it was OK anyway. ;-) And now you know the rest of the story. LOL!

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

  • Ellen van Deelen
    Ellen van Deelenalmost 5 years ago

    I wished i could relax like a cat :) Beautiful photo!

  • Thank you so much, Ellen! But you really don’t want to “relax” like a cat. I do and it’s from both sleep apnea and bad sleeping habits. I sleep badly in intervals of less than 2 hours and stop breathing on average of 47 times an hour – waking up each and every time – just like a cat “napping” when not absolutely positive nothing will attack while it’s asleep. According to the machine, I get about 90 minutes of good sleep a night, none more than 4 minutes consecutively.

    Of course, I’m not cute like Jimmy so I have constant bags under my eyes and the personality of a 90-year old fart with a bad temper. But I can relax like a cat. Glad you can’t! :-D

    – Lenny La Rue, IPA

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