The Trials and Tribulations Of... (well, you know!) New YouTube Videos

Months and months of working to salvage a very bad video have come to a close with Got Gull?. This is not to be seen as a “work of art”. It’s just a gonzo movie made with Windows Movie Maker after shooting with my Nikon D90. It’s horrible, it was supposed to be silent with captions but I seem to have left the audio track only lower in volume. The sound was even worse than the video, if that’s even possible, and it’s bizarre. A stupid idea: feed gulls by hand while they fly by. It was fostered by an ‘accidental feeding’ in San Francisco when an unannounced gull dive-bombed my hand with the remains of a sandwich on it. That time I got repeatedly hit by sharp beaks as every single bird seemed to misjudge the dive.

This time I was armed with a loaf of fresh bread and some 20-30 gulls either walking around or flying overhead. I had a very good camerawoman who not only handled the D90 for the first time, she mastered the use of a tripod. If not for her, the video would have been a stagnant collection of over-exposed images. I thank her most sincerely. :-)

Got Goose? Goosing:2011 is new along with Return To The Hive: 2011

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