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Persistent amateur photographer, writer,
musician, raconteur, social commentator & cook.
Worried by current high standards of mediocrity.

Prone to taking off on a motorcycle.

See the Kickstand video here…..(minus the soundtrack after being nabbed by the bastard copywright police)

Long-time professional weightlifter. (Using forklift)
Star of YouTube Forklift Coin Trick video

‘Lenny’ pic by Murphyoso

Star Sign: Pizza
Turn Ons: Spicy, Funny, Sexy, Silly, Noisy, Cheeky, Dreamy

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This weekend saw the sale of an original Lenny’s Motorcycles T-shirt to a mystery buyer. Previously, this range of T-shirts was only available to a small, elite group of selected individuals. / Now they have been unleashed on the general public, we feel that a wider warning is necessary. / !!! THESE T-SHIRTS ARE A POWERFUL APHRODISIAC !!! / This warning is specifically aimed at Geeks, Nerds a…
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Animals in the Bedroom

To mark Melbourne Cup week in Australia, I have decided to display my horsey credentials. Dog Food is no thoroughbred but a fine steed nonetheless. / As for the goats….. They’re companion goats OK.
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Told You So

This article was published in Hobart’s “Mercury” newspaper 30-10-08 announcing that Tasmania has been added to Frommer’s 500 Places To See Before They Disappear. This will hopefully add more weight to my “Travel Tasmania” T-shirt and card range, the sales of which have been a little underwhelming. This has created an overall slump in general trading, severely …
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Motorcycling for Ladies

I Spent some time today trying to rescue an old 1920’s Motorcylce manual, photographing some of the tattered pages. Most of it was pretty straight-forward mechanics and engineering advice with a small portion dealing with the “lifestyle” and safety aspects of riding. Most illuminating was the short chapter on women which, for the 1920’s seems to me to be very progressive f…
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