Paint on..

I wanted to repost the prose I scratched into a painting some time ago all about creating art, about painting and my absolute fascination and infatuation with it.
You best visit the text link above to see the actual painting I scribed this into with my finger but it isn’t really a reference to any one painting.. it is more of a statement .. hell, make that a declaration – of my feelings about creating art and how it has helped me throughout my life.
Nothing has changed. I am in love with everything about it.
So, I give you my mantra:

Paint on regardless.
Paint on through expression & meaning. Paint on through metaphor and symbolism. Paint on through elaboration & simplicity. Paint on through caffeine & turpentine. Paint on through the early hours. Paint on through imagination & mystery. Paint on through inspiration & interpretation.
Paint on through self doubt & apprehension.

Paint on through solitude & crowded thought. Paint on through fashion & trend. Paint on through stumbling blocks & open doors. Paint on through dishonesty & distraction. Paint on through routine & boredom. Paint on through broken charcoal & broken spirit.
Just paint on.

Paint on through broken rules & pushing boundries. Paint on through textured passage & scratched thought. Paint on through form versus content. Paint on through figuration & landscape. Paint on through reality & exageration.
Paint on through infatuation & interpretation . Paint on through motivation & passion. Paint on through responsibility & deadline. Paint on through key & contrast .
Paint on, Paint on, Paint on.

Paint on through expectation & surprise. Paint on through 3AM & exhaustion . Paint on through exhilaration & dissapointment . Paint on through misunderstanding & enlightenment. Paint on through stereotype & label . Paint on through collage & memory. Paint on through spontaneity & laboured thought .
Paint on through ignorance & envy.

Paint on through music & silence. Paint on through the sound of brushwork & the smell of linseed oil . Paint on through circus, canvas & colour . Paint on through age & beauty. Paint on through influence & originality. Paint on through Modigliani & Miles.
Paint on through blank canvas & empty palette.
Paint on through exhibition & inhibition.
Just paint on.

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Sometimes I talk to myself.. will myself.

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  • ENaLu
    ENaLuover 5 years ago

    loved it the first time….and reading it today even more potent
    cos I have started painting again, made a wonderful mess!
    Thank u :)))

  • Leith
    Leithover 5 years ago

    Thanks Ena, I’m still as wrapped in your “two headed girl” as I ever was.. glad you gave me an excuse here to visit that and your other fine work and photography again :)
    - mess is good x

  • bellmusker
    bellmuskerover 5 years ago

    Leith, I read through this imagining the verb ‘write’ in place of ‘paint’, and though my eyelids are dragging and the words are recalcitrant tonight, my fingers suddenly want to keep flying over the keyboard.

    You so inspire me; as you always seem to do!

  • Leith
    Leithover 5 years ago

    hehe.. write on through tired eyes and exhausted thought, just write on..
    write on through writers block and right out of ink, just write on..
    write on through hubble bubble, toil and redbubble, just write on..

    hehe.. write on through tired eyes and exhausted thought, just write on..
    write on through writers block and right out of ink, just write on..
    write on through hubble bubble, toil and redbubble, just write on..Right on baby!

  • Kym  Breeze
    Kym Breezeover 5 years ago

    Wonderful to read this, missed it the first time, great that we come across the motivation in one form or another at exactly the right time, your writing was it for me this morning, an hour in my art room before waking children and starting the “day” job, pushing through toward my dream, whilst juggling reality…-:)
    I will carry these inspiring words with me through the day….thanks
    have a great day…..cheers Kym

  • John O'Dal
    John O'Dalover 5 years ago

    We should make creating our religion. Worship in a gallery or meditate in your studio, garret, whatever. Then the fighting would stop. You explain it better. John

  • Phil
    Philover 5 years ago


  • catherine walker
    catherine walkeralmost 5 years ago

    wow…so wonderful..what a wonderful work of art in itself..well done and thankyou ..I needed to hear all of that ..

    much love ..and Ok I will paint on ….through distractions and obstacles and all of the above..LOL

  • Thankyou for all your supportive comments Catherine.. nice of you to write them all and it means a lot. Really pleased they have inspired you to paint on :)

    – Leith

  • catherine walker
    catherine walkeralmost 5 years ago
    would you mind if I give this to a red bubbler who needs to hear this as much as I did maybe even more so I’ll send it to him in an email ..or send him here to read it..if you see this.. your work in his journal I’ll make sure people know it’s from you ..OK..thanks again !

    or maybe I’ll just give him your name and he can come her and read it himself..that would be best I think.


    BLYTHARTalmost 5 years ago

    Hi. I am the Redbubbler Catherine just spoke of. Your words say it all – many thanks.

  • Hey thanks man, that’s fantastic to hear!

    – Leith

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