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I love to draw and paint, both digitally and with traditional media. Enjoy your visit, to my little web in the web.

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Thanks Slinky Buyer

Thanks to the buyer who bought the T of / Slinky Sea Horses
Posted 19 days – 1 comments

Thanks buyer

Many thanks to the mysterious buyer who bought a giant version of, / Yeeeehaaaaaa / I hope it looks great on your wall.
Posted 5 months – Leave a comment

Sold -Yay!

Sold a hoodie a couple of days ago. Thanks buyer.. / 17 Feb 2013…Just sold another one. Thanks again mystery buyer. / Scuba Diver
Posted over 1 year – 2 comments

Thanks and wow!

Three T-Shirts sold in one day. Thanks so much kind, anonymous person :) / They were : / Sound Byte / Great White Bark" / Comical Balloon Carrying Monster
Posted about 2 years – 6 comments