I am a male, American artist/t-shirt designer/novelist. My first book entitled, Devious Devient, was recently published. I am currently working on the sequel in addition to completing new paintings. I am constantly evolving as an artist and strongly believe that it is imperative for me to paint many unusual subjects utilizing many different styles and techniques, I refer to as my “visual vocabulary.” This keeps each painting fresh and strong enough to stand on its own merit,even within a series or body of work.

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This painting was originally designed as a vinyl window cling. I had a stack of them made and put them on windows all over the place locally. Recently I was in Vegas and spotted one of my window clings on a car’s rear window. I approached the driver of the car and explained that I had made the window cling, but he didn’t believe me.
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WIFEY (Graffiti)

I painted this on a billboard in in late September. Sure that it would be painted over within a matter of days, I blatantly painted it during the daytime using my cut stencils,spray paint, and sponges from an old couch. It remained for nearly a month. Two of the guys who finally removed it, literally fought to determine which of them would take it home. It was hilarious… 90 percent of their…
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Listen intently to his eloquent squeaks as his whiskers brush against your cheek. His breath reveals a weakness for Swiss cheese and Cabernet Sauvignon and embedded within his tiny brain are the secrets to the survival of mankind. He knows the best rooms, in the best hotels. The restaurants with the greatest chefs. And which department store will be the first to receive the newest Christian Loubo…
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OK. Sooo, why so many Space Cats? Recently, I was asked if I could create a character that could possibly encourage kids’ interest in science and the American space program. My original Space cat design was completed about ten (10) minutes later. Other than the many color combinations the design has remained the same. I’m allowing the public to decide which color combination becomes m…
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