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I’m a Canadian fiction writer, artist and musician who blogs extensively, draws cartoons occasionally, and does graphic design for folks when they give me money and ask me to do my best work for them. I also have trouble not writing about myself in the third person. I blame Facebook. My wife just thinks I need therapy. My therapist, predictably, agrees. My ferocious panther and ocelot don’t care, so long as they get fed, walked and scritched regularly.

I’m not always politically correct, but I’m almost always polite, and rarely intend for people to be offended by what I say or do.

  • Age: 44
  • Joined: June 2011



http://limbointeractive.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/status/ / I’ve finished writing a review for my friend’s upcoming game, but as it’s been submitted to a contest, I can’t post the review until after it’s been released. Such is life. / No, I still haven’t written the Epic Mickey review. Truth to tell, no one has asked for it, so I’ve just not thought about it much. Nobody ever asks me to write anyt…
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In Case You Were Wondering...

Hi. My name is Lee. I’m a fiction writer and graphic artist who used to do a great deal of drawing and painting, and I’ve been planning on getting back to both. I started this account to share some of my older works, as well as some of my latest ideas, in part because I, like doubtless many of you RedBubble member artists, am in serious need of money. / I know, not cool to talk about …
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