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two ladies living in Nowhere backwoods Alabama, painting and loving life no matter what curves it may throw at us. We love to paint, take photos and laugh. htpp://.www.artistinthecountry.com
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My apologies

I apologize to all of my Redbubble friends for our lack of activity for the last few ,months, due to computer problems, and family and housing problems it will be a while before we can return to our regular activity, / Sorry for any inconvenience, / Madison
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Thanks for the Feature

Thank so much to the group "Those Colorful Paints (APHA ) and Pintos, for our first feature…Almost Trampled We are very proud of this feature since it is our first. Thanks to the Hosts of this group, who Made this possible. / We are just two over 50 ladies trying to become self supporting through our art, and looking forward to our first sale. / Thanks again for this feature, it means …
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