Photographer Link Exchange

I’ve been reading a ton of articles recently on improving the homepages ranking in search engines (SEO for all you geeky types). One of the things that is stressed in all these articles is the importance of backlinks, links from external sites to your site.

So, I’m going to set up a link exchange with any interested fellow photographers on the homepage. Basically the idea is I’ll provide a very brief profile of you and/or an overview of what you do with a link back to your homepage if you do the same for me. I’d like to stress the importance of the word ‘Exchange’. Hopefully, this will be something that is beneficial to both of us and get us both a bit more traffic to our sites.

Interested? Head on over to the Photographer Link Exchange Contact on the homepage:

Photographer Link Exchange Contact

and send me off some info about yourself and your site. If I get enough people who want to do this, the page with the profiles & the links will be up sometime during the week and will remain a permanent part of the site.

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