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Please Read: 2010 Digital Photography Calendar

Yes, it’s been a while. But the charity still stands, and many may not know of it – especially newer members.

Check it out here.

The work is excellent; all profits go to Renaissance Now (the link in the description of the calendar is broken, so it’s here instead… or http://rennow.org/).

As we’ve described it:

The 2010 Digital Photography Calendar marks the start of a charity calendar for the RedBubble Digital Photography Group.

All proceeds go directly and fully to charity. We sponser Renaissance Now (@ www.rennow.org), which is dedicated to ”*…helping underprivileged talented artists around the world to win over poverty, exploitation of human trafficking and assisting artisan communities to develop sustainable income.*”

As a volunteer charity, 100% of the money donated goes straight to the work done. You can support this aim by purchasing a copy of this calendar.
Renaissance Now has even featured us on their homepage – unfortunately, they’ve accidently described the entire RedBubble as supporting their cause, but nonetheless, it’s all been great.

A problem, though – we haven’t sold as many as we would have hoped we would. So if you have some spare cash lying around, or win one of our challenges – may I urge you to purchase a calendar. We’ve only sold a few so far. Perhaps it’s a lack of marketing, or something similar… please spread the word.

It’s a charitable cause, really, and we’d love to be able to do something similar again later in the year – but it’ll only be available if we manage to sell enough and make a difference!

Note that the calendar was completely volunteer-run. It took some time to arrange it, and hopefully it was worth it.

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