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Lexington, United States

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The following are fragments of my personality.

Creativity is what I forever strive for,
along with fretting, and assuming less.

I also wish for a big scruffy dog
that I would name Thoreau.
And, although I live to share ideas, please excuse my inability to always spell things correctly.

Unless attributed to me according to the fair use doctrine, my work may not be copied, reproduced or altered in any way without my consent.

The End, and thank you for your visit.

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Laws should not support greed.

I despise that money dictates life. / The more power corporations gain, and are allowed to have through laws, the more I hate it and feel as though the U.S. is beyond the point of changing what our culture deems important. / If the gap between the rich and poor / the middle class and the working class keeps growing, my ideas on what is moral and immoral will soon be considered warped according to…
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I dont want to do my Phonology homework. It is hard. :/
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Capturing Nothingness.

My “Its Blank Inside” capture was featured. How Lovely and exciting. I appriciate the home page display. : ) / I really owe it to lighting and laying upside down.
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At This Point

I hope it is just a misunderstanding, / the one thing I’ve always been so annoyed by. / If it isnt I’ll have to just get over it all.
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