Thank you for viewing our photographs. We love to take photos of the high desert here in Reno Nevada and our trips to Utah,Arizona,Oregon,California and our favorite place Death Valley.
One of our favorite photo taking is of wild horses here in Northern Nevada. They are slowly being taken from the Reno Metro area by a few who feel they are a nuisance. I want my grandson to be able to see these beautiful animals. I would like to keep this area “The way it is” not “The way it was”!!!!!!!

Most of our photos are of different things we find on our hikes with our dogs Alex and Sophie.We also have 4 cats Max,Smokey,Nikki and Rusty (who thinks he is a dog and hangs out with the dogs).
We got married in 2010 and have fun taking rides, going on hikes and just enjoying our life together and our kids (the dogs and cats).Its a great feeling finding the love of your life,your soulmate and sharing a love that is true and genuine.
Nancy is originally from Long Island,New York and moved out west 16 years ago.She always had a love for the desert and was intrigued by its beauty. Tony is originally from Seattle,Washington and moved to Reno 25 years ago,We met while we were looking at the beautiful wild horses here in Reno. So they hold a very special place in our hearts.We plan on retiring one day to Southern Utah near Zion National Park on a piece of land we buy with a log cabin built on it,doing the same thing we do now here in Nevada but with alot more time together to that in.
Tony is the photographer. Nancy will respond to comments and will work on the site. We hope you enjoy our photos as much as we do. Comments are always welcome.

All photos on this site were taken by Anthony Leake exclusively.We do not use any work for any reason from anyone else. The photos on this site may not be reproduced for any reason without the consent of Anthony Leake or Nancy Leake. All rights reserved. Please enjoy but don’t abuse.
Thank you for visiting.
Tony and Nancy Leake

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We made a sale!!!

Thank you so much to the person who purchased “Blonde Beauty”. / I hope you enjoy the capture as much as we do! / Thank you again !!! / Nancy Leake
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Our work “Majestic Stallion,Virginia City Highlands,Virginia City Nevada USA” was / featured in " Wild Nature Photography" Group. / Thank you Ann for the feature…Nancy Leake
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Our wok “Zion National Park,Utah USA” was featured in / “You Got It,We Want It” Group. / Than you Teresa for the feature…Nancy Leake
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Our work “Kodachrome State Park,Utah USA” was featured in / “The Great Outdoors/Nothing Man Made” Group. / Thank you Teresa for the feature…Nancy Leake
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