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I'm new at this.

Well, I have my first digital camera. I got it in November. I love taking pictures. Especially b/w. It’s funny, because if I forget to take my camera with me when I go somewhere, I almost feel naked. Kind of like how some people feel when they forget to put on their watch or something. I want to take great pictures people will love. But, I am exuberant when it comes to taking pictures of my son Alexander. He seems to be my ispiration. I’m not going to dress him up like a flower, but I want to catch his every moment on camera. He eminates pure innocence. No flaws. No fakeness. He is just himself. I think people in general are more beautiful when they are at their most unaware, and let their vulnerability show through for that split second. Those are the moments I don’t want to miss. Those moment are truely beautiful.

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