Me-ism In The Social Networking Age

It’s raining here,
I have a test again,
Our dog had puppies,
I just can’t freaking win.

It’s pouring here,
I keep getting C’s!
The puppies are cute,
He took my car keys!

Water’s rising here,
I’m off to my class,
Feeding Mama dinner,
My boyfriend’s an ass!

It’s flooding here,
Tons of homework—yuck,
Posting puppy pictures,
Dear boyfriend, You suck!

Water’s still rising here,
My apartment’s a mess,
Off to the veterinarian,
Relationships are stress.

Hundreds of homes lost here,
This studying thing’s bad,
Mommy and puppies are great,
He’s gone and I’m sad.

People are dead here,
Our professor’s a joke,
Aww, they’re so cute,
I wish he would choke!

What the hell people?!
Doesn’t anyone care?!
Guess not, since it’s here,
And not affecting you there!

And you’re bitching about school?!
You’re worried about puppies?!
You’re hung up on some fool?!

Are you really that selfish,
That you turn a blind eye,
Wrapped up in your own interests,
While dozens here die?

You uncaring bastards!
You’re selfish and vain,
So lost in your little worlds,
You ignore others’ pain.

What did you say?
Oh, I see, yes, you’re right.
It’s happening here,
Near me, that’s my short sight.

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Me-ism In The Social Networking Age by 

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