I’m a Graphic Designer and aspiring Writer from Nelson, New Zealand, currently living in Sydney, Australia. I am passionate, energetic and driven. My work tends to focus on the expression of my energy, and the perception of the energies I feel, see in the light, the situations and the people around me.

My creative output does not belong to the public domain. All images and writing posted by myself are copyright Laszlo James Totka ©. All rights reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images or creative writings without written permission from myself is strictly prohibited.

  • Age: 27
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It’s bizarre, for the second time in my life tonight – I witnessed what appeared to be the death of a star in the night sky. I cannot describe it any other way. I was looking up into the eventide when one of the fainter stars suddenly flared up to be so bright it looked like a camera flash going off in a stadium, then with equal expedience it winked out – vanishing completely. /…
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In sight of exile's end

I started an account on this site roughly a year ago, and after some brief experimentation, it fell dormant. / I figured it’s time to resurrect the thing + see if I can’t make some use of it. I’m in an interesting place at the moment; I’m finally experienceing a Reveille – an awakening from 3 years of partying, roadtripping, and generally losing the plot while I was …
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‘Flux’ Whatever I want, forever got, but never enough. Somewhere in the signal, deep within the light, there lingers the catalyst; sets my heart a… ‘Five’ Shed my name, my very rank, as I took up the number. / Heart upon armoured sleeve I, span the distant vast. Glare as cold and dark as pitch… ‘Facilitator’ What we want, and what we need, are not what they always seem to be. / Though delineation of such, always feels so clear, we’re often… ‘The Divide’ I found a way out west once more unto the sunset state. / Still I’z decked in last nite’s garb, with time to percolate, torn in… ‘Siren’ I don’t recall how the road was taken from us, the impact was lost on me; I shan’t forget sinking. Between the splendorous orna… ‘Helix’ Deep in my mind, near the back of my heart, I discovered anew that the only thing for; was to go it alone. / Spiralling forward, through th… ‘Brother’ I marched past monuments to violence, exhibited plainly for all in dedicated civility; I thought about my brother. To be fair, I’d be… ‘Gravity’ Comes a point where I commit all my resources to the evasion of eye contact, damn near to incapable of remaining composed; well too far ind… ‘Swoon (Part II)’ An’ aside the salt I swear I could taste the very sunshine on your skin, your breath came in with the tide an’ went out some ti… ‘Gradient’ Echoes dissipate as the shadows fade away. A billion potential paths, all myriad in form, surround me at the tipping point, the outcome too… ‘Clot’ It seems such a strange thing, the fashion after which we met; your voice painting strokes of light upon the tumult canvas of my mind, from… ‘VOID (Part IV)’ I awoke this morning thinking about possession. / The image of some raven-haired goddess fading from the fog-bound shores of my fledgling c…