Time’s Up covering her naked body Another Day Forward The DVD finished and the screen went blank. We had seen it countless times over the last few months and knew every word and gesture in it. … She’ Gone. A short story about friendship. I had a friend once. / We met some years back by chance. A few exploratory steps were taken at first to see if we liked each other. Seems w… Morning Run. Lick. Lick. Lick MMMmmmmm A Solid Character Man. You Rock / Beg pardon? / Nah Man. Not insultin ya. You Rock. As in …. You rock. / No idea what you are talking about young fellow. / J… Hanging On So dude. Is your sex life still as good as when you first started doing it with Maree? What is it now – 4 months? / Why do you think … Easter Surprise What would you like for Easter Jimmy? / I wanna fuckin Easter egg. / You want WHAT? / I wanna fuckin Easter egg. / You better have a think … Finally Leaving Miss Farwell-Burke Stepped onto the jetty, fabric covered suitcase in hand. The supply boat was due soon. Actually it was an hour away but… The Plans of Brothers. I’ve been reading this book Bro. This Leo Da… Vin… Kee has some great ideas. / You’re not gonna throw me out of the tree house again. / … Objects in the Sky The sun was almost gone behind the horizon. It had been a hazy kind of day and old Charlie was tired and looking forward to finishing up fr… Caught Something The water was calm with only the slightest of breezes moving the tinnie gently sideways. The silence on the lake was just lovely with the o… Job Done The little bloke burst through the office door waving his arms about. He was dirty and dusty and seemed quite distressed. / “I…cut…glass” h… Well Done Anthony Barr-Smith was a prick. Because he had a hyphen he thought his shi… well y’ know. / He was the owner. He thought he could run a res… The Proposal Group. Might I say some belated words? Won’t take long. I’d kill for a bite. / First thing I said last Weds was ‘Ahoy, the land of Os’ and … And what does Christmas mean to you ? It’s going to be tricky as Mum and Dad are still not talking since the divorce. Pain in the …. What’s wrong with you? / Nothin. / Nothin? Doesn’t look like nothing. Looks like you got a sore back or something? / Na. Not really. / Well… Time to Go Miss Farwell-Burke eyed the scruffy rabble seated in front of her. Her gaze settled on the snotty nosed red head. “How did you fare with yo… They’re Still Here subtitled Zombie Att… The raging mob was angry. Their numbers far outweighed the dozen or so who were fleeing. They made it into the empty shopping centre and ba… Expectations Terry stopped at the door and stepped in. Something had changed. He looked down at the pale drawn face of his father. He put his ear near t… Choices What would like sir? / Um. I’m not sure. I haven’t actually done this before. / You’re a first timer are you? Well take your time Sir. The… Going for a Drive Jordan was the youngest of five. At 12 he knew he was smarter than the girls. Mum dotted on them and gave him hell. He missed his Dad. / Mu… Very Audio Challenged. What? Writers Block “What’s she want?” / “Who?” / “That bloody teacher.” / “1000 word story using prolepsis technique.” / “What? I’m not here from 6 to 9 eve… Beauty is in the Eye “Look at her. That doesn’t look real? Painting her face, trying to look attractive to us. / We are what we are through circumstance. I know… Flash Fiction What ya doin dad? / Writing something. / What? / Flash Fiction. / What’s that? / A short story. / What ya gunna do with it? / Post it on a … Justification of Men. There’s a reason for it. / What? / Beer. / And? / It was invented by ancient cave man. / What? / To ease his pain. After a day’s huntin’ an… Why Did HE Do That? I mean I like sex. Who doesn’t? / Know what you mean Joe. Been a while. / Really? / Yeah. Missus not interested any more. Can’t be bothere… Don’t Get Even…. The convertible reversed into the parking bay in one fluid movement. The purring motor ceased and two attractive women alighted. In a seemi… Thinkin’ Outside the Square. “Gray code; linear feedback shift register; Offset binary; Quibinary; Reduction of summands; Redundant binary representation….” / “What?” /… The Frustration of a Power Failure. A large carton arrived on Friday addressed to Deidre but she wouldn’t tell Jeff what it was. “I bought it on the internet” was all she woul… The Power of Chemicals. The old farmer tending his plot on the banks of the Chang Jiang River near Pukou glanced up as the big jet screamed low overhead heading fo… What Cost Freedom? “Are you with me?” Death of the One Armed Man by Lawford The Boy Soldier He remembered when he wore his grandfather’s hat in the Anzac March. It must have been about 20 years ago now. He decided then that he wou… The Spy He moved into the room and closed the door. He lit a small lamp and placed it on the floor. She heard a women sigh “Ok then. Let’s do it.” Churchill’s Revenge The brickwork dust was choking us, rubble fell and hit us but you couldn’t see it coming in the darkness. The noise was deafening. The ro… A Very Loooong Road Trip. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? / Are we there yet? Are we there yet? / Are we there yet? Are we there yet? / Are we there yet? Are w… No One Rides For Free I pick up lots of hitchhikers on my road trips. And sometimes it gets interesting. / He had me over a barrel. Several times in fact. / It w… I told you – Nothing Happened. The conference finished two days early. Italian electricity supply is not what it should be. / The weather was very pleasant in June so we … The Solution to a Problem. Things weren’t going so well. Our marriage was straining at the seams. We were bickering over the usual things but more than ever. / One of… Snow Job Ian struggled out of his jacket. He tossed it as far as he could towards Jess. / “Jess. Grab the sleeve and toss it back to me. That way yo… Speakin the Lingo Struth me old China plate. You’re later than a hearse. / I told ya I’d pick ya up dentist time in fronta Jeff’s Shed an we’d go to the G. /… Natural Remedy How did you go at the doctor love? / Oh. Alright. I guess. / Well are you going to tell me? You men! Have to drag everything out of you. / … A True Story of Lust and Desire. The lights were dimmed, a faint glow showing through the partly opened door. Music emanated from the room, slow and sensuous. / Bonny’s v… Its Just Not Cricket. Felicity watched the game with feigned interest. She didn’t really understand it and didn’t know why her father had bought her here. Bored… Forbidden Love Wilton’s desire for her would not abate. He thought of nothing else but her. For many days his heart pined for her. How could he be with he… Love in the Cotswolds Katherine’s mind was not on her dinner. / “What’s wrong with you child?” demanded her father. / “Nothing” she mumbled and blushed. / She f… Making the Cut It’s a private university. We aren’t on the Govt salary scale. My end of year bonus is huge if I get 85% of my students to pass. / I had t… Slow Burn I arrived early, started my machine and got stuck in. I reached my quota by 2pm and started on the next batch. / It was my last day on the … God’s Little Black Book “Oh fuck it.” / “Jimmy! You know that Daddy said you shouldn’t use words like that.” / “I know. I Know. But my Lego castle walls won’t meet… Which way to the …… I prepared for the worst and the inevitable violent impact. Truth in Print Ring Ring. / ‘Morning Bill.’ / ‘Hey George. Lookin’ forward to our game today? I am. Gonna whip you this week.’ / ‘I’ve got a bit of a pro… Carnival Time “Wanna go to the Carny tonight” Zachary asked? / “That’s kid stuff” Adam sneered. / “Well I might be 13 and all but I reckon it’ll be fun.… A Saying Comes True When the shit hits the Fan. GOLD. GOLD. “Been panning for gold around these parts for some forty years Son. Found a speck or two in my time I can tell ya.” / The old prospector wi… Charley Grumbles “What the hell’s all that noise?’ Charles yelled from the back of the office. / The girls giggled. They were fussing over Denise and her n… Favourite “Why did you set us the test Father? Was it to find out who loved you most?” / “I’m surprised you need to ask. Love? No. It was to see who … Wedding Band Remover. “What’s your opinion of this copy Andrew.” / You’re looking at that lady right? / Over there on the other side of the bar. / She’s smiled… Lost and Found ‘And that’s where they found it? I don’t believe it. How’d it get there?’ / ‘It’s true I tell you. This will be the end of his working life… Cough, Cough. Henry blew his nose. Long and loud. We couldn’t see it but we all knew the dirty handkerchief would only be half stuffed back into his pock… Living With It Top three buttons undone. A Pressing Need Nothing but white. I can’t see more than a metre in front of me. I know I’ll get there eventually if I keep going down. / I trudge slowly … Who? “You know Ray. I’m really gonna miss her. I’ve been living next door to Alice for twenty four years. Can you believe that? Twenty four year… Wedding Slip. …curries, a few wines, some beers, more wine, more beers …. Duty MMMMMMMNNNNNNNN / The fog horn blasted through the mist far louder than it should have been making my ears rattle. The faint speck in the d… Creepy Crawly A movement in the corner caught my eye. Glancing up from my book I saw a spider in the corner of the tent. It was black and large and had t… The Explanation. Nil Desperandum son. Nil Desperandum. / What’s that Dad? / How I feel son. / Feel what dad? / Nil Desperandum son. / What’s that Dad? / Tha… Quiet Now What is that racket? / It’s me. SShhh. I’m barking. / Why? / There’s some Jehovahs at the door. / So? / Sshh. They’ll hear you. I want them… The Discarded Tree. I saw it again this morning. All brown and brittle, lying on its side on the concrete divide between eight lanes of traffic. It’s just near… The Office Door The boss’s office door is closed. / My colleague had been summoned over fifteen minutes ago. I wish I could hear what was being said. Is it… A Lasting Symbol He said he always wanted to carve their initials in a heart into the trunk. Distractions on the Commute “Nice hair.” / “Who’s looking at hair?” Wordsmith We argued for ages about that one. Brain Man. I haven’t had a crash yet. Well, not a big one. A Day in the life by Lawford The Book. The story was exciting and compelling. He couldn’t put it down. Nice Puppy. He wagged his tail Busy Times The customer is always right. Cendrillon “Where’d she get that dress?” The Conjurer A white dove emerged from under his jacket
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