New Group!

I’m proud to introduce a great new group called West Coast USA.
Here are the simple rules: A showcase for quality photos and art from Alaska, California, Oregon & Washington States.
No snapshots, nudity, violence or profanity.
Quality photos and art only
Photos and art MUST have location in the description (State, City/Area)


Please join and have fun!
Your Host, Tori Snow

A Tale of Two Kittys

A Tale of Two Kittys

On August 11th my husband and I were working in our yard when, our dogs ran over to a tree. They were barking a causing quite a fuss. We went over to investigate. We found two male kittens one up a tree and the other hiding in a bush. We caught the kittens and brought them in the house. We were saddened to see the poor condition of these 10 week old babies. They were malnourished, grossly underweight and infested with parasites. The filthy, lethargic and sickly kittens had been abandoned. We found that they had a bad case of roundworms and were covered in fleas. We just had to intervene. We dewormed, bathed and treated them for fleas. They were so sick at first they wouldn’t eat or play. Even our dogs didn’t bother them. It was like they knew the kittens were very sic…