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Throw Pillow Sale! Thank you!!

Thanks a million to the person who purchased a Throw Pillow (cover + insert) featuring the image, “Good Morning, Chippie!”. Your purchase is greatly appreciated! Am delighted you like this image! / Many Thanks to Steve Agius for adding the pic (see comments below) as there was a glitch with my PC just as I was posting this & was unable to include the pic…
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Greeting Card Sale - Thank you!!

Many thanks to the person who purchased a greeting card of “Puppies In Winter”!! I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as the puppies enjoyed their first winter! Cheers!! :))
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Card Sale! Thank you, Sheila!

Many thanks to RB member Sheila (artwhiz47) for your purchase of “The Cat’s Whiskers” which is greatly appreciated!! :))
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Thank you, buyers!

Many thanks to the buyer who purchased a tote bag of “Piano Strings, Hammers & Pegs”! / …and also to the buyer who recently purchased a sticker of “Attentive”! / Your purchases are greatly appreciated!
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