I love the creative process. I love my hands covered in paint. I love colour. I don’t always love what I come out with but I am always learning and looking forward to the next creation. When I do come up with something that I can’t believe was created through my hands I want to show it off and share it with all the other Red Bubbler’s out there showing off their stuff too.

I did have a whole biography palaver here but I took it off cause I thought it may be a bit boring. If you are interested in my bio you can check it out on my website
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smoking in paintings or no smoking?

I am about to do two more paintings in the series of Stinky and Smokey but was worried that they won’t be sellable because Smokey is a smoker! Now I wouldn’t normally worry about political correctness and it is my intent for Smokey to be a smoker. I am not glorifying smoking by any means, I am kinda saying Smokey being a smoker is a bit smelly like stinky- so there, now I have insulte…
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